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Landscape a Flipped House to Maximize Profits

Tips for House Flipping landscapes

"When it comes to house flipping, there are several things you can do to maximize your profits" states Tammy Sons from Tn Nursery, a leading plant and tree supplier from Tennessee. Buying low and selling high is the primary goal. You want to put reasonably priced materials into the project and stick to a budget.

However, what about outside of the home? Landscaping is an often overlooked but vital aspect of flipping a house. The reason is that the yard state creates the first impression a potential buyer will have of the property. You want that feeling to be a good one so that it encourages them to make a purchase.

House-flipping and landscaping

The house flipping rules for landscape

Whenever you are trying to flip a house, you want to ensure the yard's quality is high. However, you also want to stick to your budget. That's why you should follow these tips on what to look for when picking out plants:

Affordable: Obviously, working on a budget means buying available materials for the house, especially for the yard. You do not want to overspend on landscaping because that will directly impact the rest of the budget you have set aside for the project. So, when selecting trees, for example, choose affordable ones. If that means getting smaller options, don't hesitate to go small. It's better for a tree to grow than for your production cost.

Low Maintenance: Once work has been completed on the house, you will probably not spend that much time there. Make sure that everything is low maintenance. If plants increase, you will need them often trimmed, costing you time or money.

Pick the right size: There are several options for sizes you can choose from. For example, you can select a hickory tree that's 2-3 feet, 3-4 feet, or 4-5 feet in size. Why does this matter? Your goal is to make the yard look full and inviting like someone already lives there. If you select options that are too small, it will not have that same feeling.

Shade is never a bad idea: When in doubt, go-to shade. Trees that provide shade to areas of the yard or even the entire house can benefit the buyer. It will help them stay calm outdoors, and it will also keep the cost of their air conditioning bill down. If they want something smaller, they can always trim it once they've purchased the home.

If this is your first time flipping a house, then the best thing to do is to consult with a realtor. They will have years of experience selling homes and can offer you great advice on what a buyer is looking for and what will influence them the most when making a purchase. These are some of the most common tips from realtors when it comes to flipping:

Be Different: Take a walk around the neighborhood and look at the other homes around yours. What do you notice? What similarities do you see?; What would you do differently? Finding ways to make your property stand out is essential to giving people a great first impression when they look at it. Remember, as they are driving through the neighborhood to get to your property, they will be looking at the other homes in the area. That's why when they pull up to your place. You want it to make a great first impression.

Buy online: When flipping a home, you must search for ideas, materials, and options online. For starters, you will find the best options when browsing the web. Local stores will only offer the most widespread opportunities because that's what's going to sell. You want something unique, and that's just going to be found online. Furthermore, you want to see something that's reasonably priced. Stores that sell products online offer better deals because they sell more products and have lower overhead costs.

Talk to your new neighbors: It's never a bad idea to be friendly. Please speak to your neighbors, let them know your plans for the property, and ensure that the remodeling isn't inconveniencing them. The impression they make on potential buyers could influence whether a sale is made or not. You want anyone interested in buying the property to be excited to have friendly and polite neighbors, which starts with you making an effort.

Think like a buyer: What do you look for before buying something? You want a fair price, it to be in good condition, and it to be something you can see yourself enjoying for years to come. Sometimes it's easy to overthink the situation and forget the primary goal of the entire project, to make a sale.

TN Nursery has a great selection of shrubs, trees, ferns, and other plants around the country. These facilities are available online and can easily be ordered at an affordable price and shipped to your location. Contact us today if you have any questions or want to learn more about our great selection.

The best places to find landscaping plants are at an online nursery for these types of projects.