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how to Keep The Deer And Rabbits at Bay

There are several ideas for ridding your fruit trees and bushes from deer and rabbits. These animals love these types of plants and will devour them to get their food.

You may place chicken wire around the bottoms of fruit trees and smaller fruit-bearing bushes to rid them of the rabbits.

With deer, this would also work if covered entirely with chicken wire for smaller fruit bushes. Your best friend, your dog, might just come in handy at doing this task also. A dog will usually bark when they see rabbits or deer, and this would scare them away if the dog is kept close enough to the bushes or trees. 

You may also want to invest in a repellent that you can spray on the plant that will keep deer and rabbits away. Sometimes these animals are determined to eat small fruit bushes such as blueberries and fruit from your fruit trees. Not very often, but sometimes you may need to fence in your area where you have your garden and trees planted. Another way is to hang noise-making items around these plants. Usually, if there is noise around, these animals will not want to come up close. You may also place mothballs around these plants and trees to deter these animals. 

A fabulous garden nursery or online nursery to check out would be www.tnnursery.net. You may also wish to call them at 1-931-692-4252 with any questions that you may have. The website can answer a wide variety of questions concerning keeping deer and rabbits from your plants.

Source of Information on Keeping Deer and Rabbits out of Your Landscaping