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Tuesday, September 13

Growing Blueberry in Your Garden can be Truly Rewarding

What can be more rewarding than using your garden-grown blueberries in the kitchen? The Blueberry plant produces delicious fruits in berries used widely in making jams, jellies, syrups, cakes, etc.

Blueberry is a flowering plant that is perennial and produces small dark-blue berries. There are many varieties of blueberries available in the market for home gardens and commercial purposes. They are majorly categorized into highbush plants and lowbush plants. You can choose from the many varieties depending upon the soil and climate of the area.

Growing blueberries can be a little challenging as they have specific requirements for healthy growth. They require acidic and well-drained soil along with a sunny location. Soil that is rich in organic matter is best suited for blueberry plants. Avoid planting blueberries near more enormous trees that can overshadow the plant and block sunlight.

Plant the small blueberry plants in late April or early May. It would be best to plant the shrub in a big enough hole to accommodate all the roots. Blueberries can last for many years, so it is advisable to take care of the plant and maintain it well to yield maximum fruit. During the first few years, you will have to remove the blossoms to encourage growth. That is essential to make the plant strong and prepare it for the coming years. Removing the flowers will make the roots and stems stronger. You might have to use fertilizers in case if the plant is not growing correctly. The color of foliage can also indicate that the plant needs additional fertilizers for proper growth.

Take care of plants and cover them with a net when fruits start to appear as birds and pests can damage the fruits. Harvest time will be advantageous for you when you pick baskets full of fresh blueberries from your home garden.

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