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Ground Covers That Survive Harsh Weather

Ground Covers

The beauty of a home garden lies in the efficiency of the design, states Dennis Sons of Tn Nursery in Tennessee, a leading ground cover supplier and shipper. A gardener will want a maximum return for their efforts. If controlling weeds is a priority, ground covers make an excellent choice. There are many beautiful plants to choose from, and taming weeds in this way is gratifying to work

When considering low-growing plants for weed control, choosing varieties that grow as aggressively as the weeds are vital; spreading flowers that hug the ground is beautiful because they transform your weedy lot into an oasis of beauty once they grow in.

Ajuga, Vinca minor, and English ivy are excellent and effective ground covers. English ivy will cascade down a weedy hillside or tumble over a brick structure, softening the angles and lending an air of sophistication. This lovely plant will stay evergreen during the winter months or transform into wonderful coppery tones as a bonus. Only put this type of ivy where you want it because it spreads rapidly and can quickly clamor up nearby old-growth trees.

Vinca Minor

For an early explosion of color, consider Vinca minor. As commonly known, Periwinkle offers small star-like flowers in shades of lavender, blue, or purple. Periwinkles grow to about 4 to 8 inches tall and look like little twinkling stars. These lovely flowers welcome spring and stay around for about a month. After this beautiful flush of blooms, your garden is left with a carpet of beautiful, shiny green leaves or variegated cream and white leaves. That is an evergreen plant, so it will not look dowdy in winter. They are easy spreaders and are reliable growers year in and year out. Dependable, beautiful, and not overly invasive, these flowers make a lovely addition to your garden while holding back unwanted weeds.

Ajuga or bugleweed is a humble plant with a lot to offer. This stunning flower grows to about six inches tall. Beautiful, delicate sprays of two-lipped flowers in shades of purple, blue, pink, and white grow in tall spikes surrounded by leaves that can be smooth or highly textured and gorgeously colored. Cream and light green left with a tinge of pink support light pink flowers. Black Scallop bugleweed is in the latter category with very showy, shiny, deep burgundy leaves. Richly hued leaves follow the delicate spring flowers.

Enjoy your garden more and spend less time weeding by planting these perennial favorites. These garden performers require little care except light maintenance and are hardy to zones 3 and 4.

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Ajuga Reptans - TN Nursery

Ajuga Reptans

Ajuga Reptans is an evergreen flowering perennial groundcover that offers greenery year-round. The plant has shoots of purple blooms in early Spring, making it versatile and perfect for maintaining beauty in small areas. They are known as bugle, common bugle, carpenter’s herb, bugle herb, bugleweed, carpetweed, and St. Lawrence plant; this is a hardy member of the mint family. Characteristics Of the Ajuga Reptans Plant They are a perennial. While the origin of ajuga is unclear, reptans means creeping, indicating how easily this low-lying plant spreads. The result is an attractive, dense ground cover ideal for filling empty spaces, choking out weeds, and enticing pollinators. Growth, Height, and Overall Aesthetics Of Ajuga Reptans They are popular, so there are numerous varieties. As a result, there is a range of possibilities for this plant. Generally, you can expect round green leaves that spring to life in a plush, evergreen carpet. The leaves typically reach a height of two inches to three inches.  In addition, the plant sends up striking spikes of flowers in mid to late spring. Traditionally blue, these flowering stems are filled with tiny blooms. They typically stand four to six inches in height but can rise higher. Many plants draw attention with the colors of their flowers. The bugle is an exception. Knowledgeable gardeners appreciate this plant for the extensive palette of hues that its foliage offers. In addition to the luxuriant carpet of gorgeous dark greens that the standard coloration offers, you can find varieties that provide leaves in lighter greens, deep reds, bronze purples, and chocolate browns. Nearly black and variegated versions also exist. What about flowers? Blue is the most common color of flowers, and you’ll find everything from pale blue to bright blue. However, you’ll also discover other colors, including whites, pinks, and purples. Using Ajuga Reptans Has Many Attributes Ajuga Reptans are flowering perennials with numerous uses. They’re luxuriant groundcovers that resist deer and rabbits and grow well under trees, along pathways, and among rocks. Their rich beauty, diverse textures, and ability to draw pollinators make them a winning addition to any space.

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