Creating a Water Garden

Creating a Water Garden | Facts and Information

You do not need a professional to create a water garden. These are simple to do and will bring you a lot of joy during the spring and summer months. 

Water gardens can be created using a prefabricated pool which is very simple. You may also want to use a flexible liner and create your own unique shaped water garden. 

If you are going to use the prefabricated pool, you will need to dig a hole that this pool will fit into. It will need to be in the same shape and depth of the pool. You will need to dig the hole two inches wider and deeper than the pool itself. You will need to line the hole that you have dug with two inches of wet sand and also make sure that the pool is level when you insert it into the hole

. Also, you will need to begin adding water to the pool, and you will also need to fill in the sides with sand as the water fills up. This will make the pool sturdy and will keep it in place. When using a flexible liner, you will need to dig your hole in the shape that you would like. You can also leave a shelf around the sides of your hole so that you can add those wonderful water plants. Dig your hole two inches wider and deeper.

Also, make sure that the hole that you are digging is level. You will also need to add wet sand to the bottom of the pool areas as well. Once you have your hole dug and sand in place, you are ready to install the liner. Place the liner in the pool and put rocks on the edges to hold in place. You can start filling with water slowly so that it does not pull the liner in.

Finish your water pond with your border. Rocks are usually great for this because they are heavy. Then you can trim the excess liner away from the pond. You can find more information on creating a water garden online.

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