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Children and Gardening - Tips, Ideas and Events

Monday, September 19

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Introducing Your Kids to Gardening

Gardening is a satisfying experience for both adults and kids. Introducing your children to gardening can benefit their social and physical growth. Gardening is an excellent way of engaging your kids to do something creative and enjoyable. Perennial plants are also excellent for kids to garden with.

With the introduction of all the latest gadgets, games, and computers, it has become all the more difficult to engage children in other outdoor activities. They are engrossed in playing video games or sitting in front of the computer for hours which can be a health hazard. Gardening is a perfect example of doing something that is both productive and educational at the same time. You can introduce your kids to gardening and make them learn about several things.

Teach your kids to love mother nature

The kids tend to learn more by doing things practically. Sowing the seeds, taking care of the plants, and watering them will make them understand the intricacies of gardening. They will feel closer to Mother Nature and understand a plant's growth process.

You would not believe that there are so many things that the children can learn in the backyard. You can teach them about the process of photosynthesis, pollination, and germination of seeds. Introduce them to the different species of plants, birds, and insects that are there in the garden. This way, they will learn about all the different aspects of gardening.

You can also make your kids more creative by making them indulge in many exciting activities like painting flower pots, making plant markers, and making wind chimes. Kids will love all these activities and would like to spend more time in the garden having fun rather than indoors in front of the TV. Some of the other fun activities for kids can be making scarecrows, creating leaf collages, and pressing flowers for cards and decorative lamp shades.

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