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Cedar Trees are Highly Valued Evergreens

Cedar Trees Accent Farmhouse Décor For Christmas

Cedar trees

 Fill the world with their gorgeous scent and full, expansive branches. The evergreens thrive easily and often overtake a yard due to their size. The appearance and aroma instantly call a world of calmness and rustic rural beauty. Because of this, many people like to include cedar as an accent for their farmhouse décor. There are endless ways to incorporate cedar into a home display, especially when decorating for Christmas.

Decking the cedar trees on Loop 360, an Austin Christmas tradition - Digging

Choose Cedar Christmas Trees

A natural Christmas tree creates the perfect centerpiece for the holiday season. Using a live tree will fill a home with its fresh scent. Cedar trees have solid and full branches that provide the perfect place to display endless Christmas ornaments. Also, cedars grow naturally in a desirable pyramid shape, so minimal trimming will need to shape the tree before installation.

The Eastern Red Cedar is a traditional choice for many people in the Southern United States, where the trees grow abundantly. People outside this region can easily find the trees through tree farms and online. Ensure adequate water to the tree during the Christmas season to prevent the boughs from becoming too dry. After Christmas, replant the potted tree or salvage the wood from a cut tree to use for crafts.

Design Some Cedar Accessories

The durable wood of the cedar is easy to carve, so it is an excellent material for people that want to make custom home accents. Carve thin pieces of wood into unique frames to hold Christmas-themed photographs; Use round slices of small branches as natural Christmas ornaments by drilling a hole for the ribbon to hang the discs. Add decorations to the wood or paint a rustic image on each side.

Large tree trunk pieces make cute pedestal stools for extra holiday seating around the tree or the fireplace. Hollowed pieces of branches can become the perfect votive or tealight candleholders on any farmhouse dining table. The bark can remain or remove and sand the wood smooth before staining the wooden holders. Use battery-operated candles to eliminate any fire risk.

Cover a Statement Wall

Rough-cut pieces of cedar make an aromatic wallcovering for any room. Mount the wood strips on painted plywood and attach them to an existing wall for a temporary display during the season, or use them as a permanent wall cover by attaching them directly to the wall. Use the wall as a backdrop for the Christmas tree or any holiday display. Hang on the wall a wreath or swag made from cedar boughs and lean against the wall other seasonal items like vintage ice skates or a metal sled. Use the wall as the background for family holiday photographs.

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Use the Boughs Creatively

The boughs of cedar trees can add a fresh touch of color to a farmhouse Christmas display. Use the greenery to cover a buffet table or a fireplace mantel. Fill assorted buckets or small pails with the boughs and group them on a table or front porch. Hang bouquets of the boughs tied with ribbon and decorated holly on the front door along a staircase railing. Make bundles of the boughs tied with twine and add to the flames in a fireplace or woodstove throughout the day to keep the air beautifully scented.

Make a Cedar Shelf

Construct a primitive set of shelves or make individual shelves with cedar planks. Use the shelving to display Christmas candles, vintage Christmas cards, or antique ornaments too fragile to put on a tree. Create an even more rustic farmhouse look using aged hardware to mount the shelves and age the wood by adding a light stain and roughly dry brushing paint on the planks. The dry brushing adds some light streaks and traces of paint to the wood to create the impression of weathered barn boards.

life in my empty nest: Welcoming Christmas Foyer

Accessorizing with cedar will help make a farmhouse interior look warmer and more rustic as holiday decorations come into the home. Using wood adds to the natural and classic designs that farmhouse homes embody. Cedar also has a timeless look that will look great in the home all year long.

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Cedar Tree - TN Nursery

Cedar Tree

Cedar Trees are known for their aromatic wood, needle-like leaves, and distinctive conical shape, often used for lumber and ornamental landscaping. Widely used in landscaping for their aesthetic appeal and numerous practical benefits. These majestic trees are native to various regions, including Eastern North America and Canada. When incorporated into landscaping projects, they can transform the environment, enhance property value, and offer many advantages. The Cedar Tree is a mostly ornamental tree that is a member of the conifer family. Of course, this item can offer a number of benefits to the natural landscape that make it a good investment both now and for generations to come. An Overview of the Cedar Tree They typically grow to be between 100 and 130 feet tall, but in some cases, they can grow as tall as 200 feet. It has a diameter of about 10 feet, which makes it much thinner than the oak or maple. Instead of leaves, they grow pine needles in addition to cones that yield fruit with seeds in females. In male types, the cones will yield pollen. There is also a sticky resin inside of them that helps protect them against predators. The Tree Last for Centuries Assuming favorable conditions, they typically live for about 100 years. However, they can live for up to 300 years, which means that they can stay in your family for generations to come. In addition, they are easy to propagate, which means that you can get great value for your money both now and for the rest of your life. They Can Create a Pleasant Aroma One of the greatest benefits that they offer is a fragrant aroma that you'll notice the moment you walk outside. Depending on how close to your house that your product is planted, it may be possible to smell the familiar pine scent just by opening your window. Therefore, planting just a few of them in your yard can help to improve indoor air quality inside and outside of your home. Preserve or Reclaim the Natural Landscape Using TN Nursery This type of product tends to do a good job of preventing soil erosion or at least stabilizing the soil impacted by its root system. It can also attract squirrels, birds, and other creatures, which will help to rejuvenate the local landscape further. Ultimately, this can help to protect the viability of your property while possibly increasing its value as the landscape heals.

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