Can You Plant A Tree? Guide

Trees make some of the best home decorations ever.

Undoubtedly better than any pink flamingo that can be placed in your yard.

Trees come in various sizes, from small bushes that barely reach 10 ft to great monsters that can reach heights of 120 ft plus!

They have numerous beautiful parts, with some having beautiful foliage to some with beautiful flowers. But planting trees is the natural part. Waiting for them to grow is the hard part. Trees, unlike grass and weeds, take many years to grow. Some trees can be full-sized in 2 years; however, some take 60 to 70 years to reach full size. When you first decide you want a tree, you have to decide whether you want it 2 or 3 years old or whether you want to buy seeds for it. If you get a seed, you will have to wait much longer and take much more care to get the plant to thrive. You can cut years of waiting off by planting a partially grown tree. Here are the steps to planting it:

First, select your desired tree location.

Then find a tree that can grow well in your area and have the space for and that you like.

Buy the tree

Take the tree home and dig a hole twice the size of the tree's root ball. Place in fertilizer and insert tree.

Water immediately.


If you buy seed, you have to place the seed in the ground in the water, but it takes much longer. The Pitch Pine is an excellent evergreen that would look good in your yard. Burning Bush is another excellent and vibrant shrub.

Source to Buy a Variety of Trees

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