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Blooming Times of Perennials and Shrubs

What Happens If I Mix Bulbs With Different Blooming Times Together?

Have you ever worried if you blend different seasonal bulbs if it confuses your garden? You will improve it. Now, you're prepared to use the same area for more than one season.

Some people take it a step further. Instead of planting in rows, please give it a more naturalized look by tossing bulbs out by the handful in your garden. Then plant right where they landed! You can fill in any big holes, but it's a way to give a softer look to a garden instead of the "soldier at attention" look of everything standing single file. Look for Iris Fulva in our plant nursery. Our best sellers are our Fall/Winter planting favorites.

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Purple Love Grass


6 Pack - Purple Love Grass - TN Nursery

6 Pack - Purple Love Grass

Purple Love Grass is a versatile and visually appealing ornamental plant that has gained popularity in landscaping due to its unique attributes. Native to North America, this perennial is well-suited for various landscape designs and can provide numerous benefits when incorporated into gardens and outdoor spaces. SOLD IN 6-PACK CELL TRAYS Purple love grass is scientifically known as Eragrostis Spectabilis, although garden lovers commonly refer to it as a tumble plant. It is an ornamental plant native to eastern and central North America. This decorative plant is well-known and famous due to its use by Piet Oudolf and the Green Thumb Award it earned in 2013 from the Direct Gardening Association. Purple Love Grass Garden Designer Approved Eragrostis Spectabilis is loved and used by many professional gardeners. It was listed in Gardens Illustrated as a top 100 plant to have in your garden. It was also extensively used in Chicago's Lurie Garden and New York City's Highline. Purple Love Grass Is Known for Its Color Changes Eragrostis Spectabilis is known and revered for its seasonal color changes. In the spring, the blades have a blue-green hue. In the summer, this ornamental plant grows purple spikelets. When those spikelets mature, they fall off the plant and are blown away, which earned it the nickname tumble. In the fall, gardeners can watch the leaves develop a bronze-red hue. Purple Love Grass Is Stunning Planting In Mass  It can be used in various ways, including as ground cover or an accent. It can also be mass-planted or planted as a group. It typically attains a height and width of two feet. The blades grow up to 10 inches long and have a width of about a quarter inch. It pairs well with white wood aster, purple poppy mallow, Pennsylvania sedge, and spotted beebalm. If you're looking to make your home more environmentally friendly, planting it may help. Eragrostis Spectabilis can be used to control soil erosion, and it's considered water-wise, which means if you're planting a drought-tolerant yard, you could include tumble plants in your landscaping. It can also be used as a green or living roof. Purple Love Grass is a famous, hardy, and versatile ornamental plant. It makes a beautiful addition to any home garden or landscaping project, and it may even help you lower your carbon footprint.

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