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Bloodroot Plants | Facts and Information

The Blood Root plant, also known as Tetterwort, is an herbaceous perennial plant in eastern North America.

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It grows in the areas between Canada and Florida all down the Appalachian mountain range. The bloodroot grows to a height 0f 20-50 cm. The plant has only one leaf that surrounds the stem. The flowers are white and bloom in the spring areas between March and May, often before the leaves appear. The flowers have large 8-12 petals and have different shapes depending on the subspecies.

The main use of Bloodroot is a decoration. 

The plant's beautiful white flower is a prized possession for those who have them, as they are lovely. These flowers attract many different kinds of bees and butterflies, allowing better pollination of the surrounding plants. Deer are also attracted to these plants as they are an excellent food source for them in the early spring, making it a hit for wildlife watchers. These plants prefer shady, moist areas like stream banks and floodplains. That makes his plant a must-have for shady water gardens. After many years a colony of these plants will grow around the original area by using rhizomes, making them very useful in gradually taking an area over like a groundcover.

The bloodroot is also very poisonous. The extract from the plant attacks and kills the cells of animals and humans. The extract has been thought to be used for skin cancer at burning it away but only leaves scared skin sections. Another use for the bloodroot is in the dye, as it has been used for centuries to dye hair, baskets, clothes, and other items. Overall the plant is a must for water gardens and can improve the look of any garden.

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