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What's A Hummingbird's Favorite Color?

Why are hummingbird feeders red? Because they're especially attracted to that shade.

Forget boiling sugar water or pre-made syrups from the store. Plant a few attractive red plants in your yard and bring the hummingbirds in naturally and easily. They favor tubular flowers but will taste many different types.

Most people don't realize this, but they eat insects and spiders for a significant part of their diet. The flower nectar is their morning coffee, so to speak, while insects give them protein and minerals. They're also more of a couch potato than you might expect. They spend less than 20% of their day hovering around flowers, sipping nectar. The rest of their day is spent almost unemployed, resting in the shade out of sight, sleeping and digesting their numerous meals. If you'd like to invite these little fellows into your yard or onto your balcony, consider Red Columbine, Indian Pink, or Red Cardinal Flower in our plant nursery.

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