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5 Nature-Filled Attractions in Tennessee

Tennessee's Top Nature Filled Attractions

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Nashville is home to some of the most spectacular natural sites in Tennessee, states Tammy Sons, owner of TN  Nursery, a leading plant nursery & shipper of quality trees & garden plants in middle Tn.

In some areas, the beauty of nature is woven right into the city's architecture, while in other locations, large parks dominate the landscape. The selections I have made are all within a short driving distance from downtown Nashville. Nature parks are great places to hike, run, or relax. They are also vacation destinations, bringing in visitors like any other city attraction. This review of the top scenic nature destinations in Nashville will help first-time visitors and long-term residents find the secrets of this beautiful city. Here is a top-five list of the more widespread nature sites around the Nashville city center.


Gaylord Opryland Resort Gardens are Nashville’s finest locations for significant events, fantastic scenery, and great food; The hotel is massive and astonishing, complete with massive conference rooms, stunning architecture, and an obsession over all things nature. The renowned Gaylord Opryland gardens are inside the building, sporting majestic waterfalls, towering trees, and native plants. There are over 15 restaurants on-site and a host of fun shops and bars to sneak inside. Even a guided boat tour travels a manufactured river, taking you to all the major sites and giving you an excellent view of the synchronized dancing waters. That is a great place to visit, considering the tour is free. Staying at the hotel, on the other hand, is quite expensive.

Image result for opryland resort gardens

Image result for opryland resort gardens

Radnor Lake State Park is one of Nashville’s not-so-secret hidden gems. This oasis of nature sits exceptionally close to the city center, making it a hot spot for nature fanatics looking for a bit of an escape. For this reason, Radnor Lake State Park is often buzzing with people. Although the crowded parking lot may deter some, the sheer beauty of the park will draw in more people than it deters. There are peaceful hiking trails all around the lake, either paved or through wooded areas. The trails are all very well maintained and are excellent for walking or running all year round. This small pocket of wilderness is an excellent escape for or from the family! Centennial Park is one of Nashville’s most famous landmarks. This city park sits right across from Vanderbilt University and is one of the most visited sites in Nashville. All types of attractions entice natives and visitors alike to the green paradise. The most noticeable attraction is the replica Parthenon that sits dignified in the middle of the park. This stunning architecture is an ode to its Athenian influences and is scaled with perfect detail. Large park spaces occupy the rest of the ground, neighbored by an elegant pond, gardens, and winding running paths.

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Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Museum of Art

One landmark that is almost wholly dedicated to the beauty of nature is Nashville’s Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Museum of Art. Botanical gardens are outstanding nationwide, offering acres of unique and bountiful plants. A mansion on the plot is home to marvelous art pieces and grants you a little solace from the sun during the hot months. They are highly family-oriented and usually have fun holiday-themed activities for kids and parents alike. Most famously is the Harvest Festival that happens every October and the magical Christmas lights that adorn the trees in December.

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Edwin and Percy Warner Park is hidden in the backwoods of Belle Meade, tucked somewhere secluded from the dainty mansions surrounding the area. This pristine city park is dominated by nature and has miles of hiking routes. This area is kept quieter and is a great escape from the hectic city life. There is a nature visitor center where you can get a map of all the trails and fascinating sites scattered throughout the area. There are educational displays that are spread about as well, where you can learn even more about nature than what you notice with your eyes and ears.

Image result for edwin and percy warner parks nashville

Whether you are a Nashville native, or someone looking for exciting things to do when they visit, these top destinations are fantastic options for getting closer to nature. Getting access to such beautiful wildlife is rare so close to a city, but Nashville is one of the few city locations that can incorporate nature so flawlessly. These great sites give you a chance to connect with nature while at the same time educating you on the vast species that exist in Nashville. Except for the Botanical Gardens, all of these sites are free for visitors and only ask that you leave these beautiful parks in the same conditions you found them in. So pack a lunch, load the family into the car, and drive down! The city and parks of Nashville are waiting.

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Ajuga Reptans - TN Nursery

Ajuga Reptans

Ajuga Reptans is an evergreen flowering perennial groundcover that offers greenery year-round. The plant has shoots of purple blooms in early Spring, making it versatile and perfect for maintaining beauty in small areas. Ajuga reptans are known as bugle, common bugle, carpenter’s herb, bugle herb, bugleweed, carpetweed, and St. Lawrence plant; this is a hardy member of the mint family. Characteristics Of the Ajuga Reptans Plant They are a perennial. While the origin of ajuga is unclear, reptans means creeping, which offers an indication of how easily this low-lying plant spreads. The result is an attractive, dense ground cover that is ideal for filling in empty spaces, choking out weeds, and enticing pollinators. Growth, Height, and Overall Aesthetics They are popular, so there are numerous varieties. As a result, there is a range of possibilities for this plant. Generally, you can expect round green leaves that spring to life in a plush, evergreen carpet. The leaves generally reach a height of two inches to three inches.  In addition, the plant sends up striking spikes of flowers in mid to late spring. Traditionally blue, these flowering stems are filled with small blooms. They typically stand four inches to six inches in height, but they can rise higher. TN Nursery Offers Different Colors In Your Landscape Many plants draw attention with the colors of their flowers. The bugle is an exception. Knowledgeable gardeners appreciate this plant for the extensive palette of hues that its foliage offers. In addition to the luxuriant carpet of gorgeous dark greens that the standard coloration offers, you can find varieties that provide leaves in lighter greens, deep reds, bronze purples, and chocolate browns. Nearly black and variegated versions also exist. What about flowers? Blue is the most common color of flowers, and you’ll find everything from pale blue to bright blue. However, you’ll also discover other colors, including whites, pinks, and purples. Using This Flowering Perennial Has Many Attributes As a flowering perennial, they have numerous uses. It’s a luxuriant ground cover that resists deer and rabbits and grows well under trees, along pathways, and among rocks. Its rich beauty, diverse textures, and ability to draw pollinators make it a winning addition to any space.

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