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10 Top Outside Plants for your home

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When considering specific types of plants to grow indoors, some will not do well at all. Some plants are very dependent on the climate conditions where a homeowner lives and will probably more than likely die when brought indoors to live.

These plants are different for all climates and great indoors.

These plants will grow great outside because they need the temperature changes to survive and become very healthy.

Some plants will not do well inside because they need hot and humid temperatures. They will die when brought inside an air-conditioned home where fans are running a lot to keep the area neat. Some can do well when things are changed to meet the plant's needs. If a homeowner is willing to have the house warmer for the plant's sake, they may do ok when brought indoors. Such plants that grow from bulbs will do better outside, along with other perennials. They need the humidity and rain to thrive and grow. They will become beautiful outside plants for a garden area or even in a container on a large porch as long as they receive the proper amount of rain and sunshine. Also, it is not a good idea to grow trees inside because they can grow to be the right size, and once they are taken outside and planted on the lawn, they can go into shock. It will prevent them from growing and becoming strong and healthy and will not grow for an entire year. Also, they will not do well when transferred from a flower pot to a different size pot. They will not be as strong as a tree that grows outside at the beginning of their growth. It is just the best idea to keep all outside plants out to get all the nutrients from the sunshine and receive the rain that nature will provide. They will grow well outside and will thrive and become beautiful.

Bridal Wreath Spirea bushes are best grown outside.

Source of Information on Plants that Should Stay Outside

Yellow Trillium - TN Nursery

Yellow Trillium

Yellow Trillium is a showy spring-blooming wildflower with golden, three-petaled flowers and mottled leaves, typically found in woodlands and forests. They are an excellent choice for landscaping due to their numerous positive attributes. These beautiful native North American wildflowers possess unique characteristics that can enhance any garden or outdoor space. From their striking appearance to their role in promoting biodiversity, they offer various benefits for landscape design. Yellow Trillium, also known as Trillium luteum, is a member of the lily family. They bloom between April and May and produce a faint scent of lemon. Due to their growing pattern, these gorgeous flowers can be planted next to other perennials that bloom in mid to late summer. The Stunning Leaves Of The Yellow Trillium Each of these plants has three leaves, and they range in appearance from dark green to light green. Additionally, they may have a few hints of silver, which gives them an extra pop of color. Over time, these herbaceous perennials can grow up to 16 inches tall. You'll see yours grow and expand, but you can divide them during the summer. One trimerous flower sticks up out of the trio of leaves surrounding it. In keeping with the pattern of its leaves, the flower has three petals, three carpels, three stamens, and three sepals. Interestingly, these flowers do not have stalks, but they do have erect petals. Once their flowering season ends, these plants will dormant in the summertime. However, they'll exit dormancy for the late winter season. One Yellow Trillium Gives You Many They are self-seeders, so once you've planted the first one, you'll typically see others rise. They rely on ants to help them spread their seeds. Each new flower will grow beautifully from the plant's center and stick straight into the air. Meanwhile, the leaves grow outward and may slightly swoop toward the ground. The mottled leaves can vary in intensity, with some being primarily green while a light gray shade almost entirely covers others. They provide the perfect backdrop for these stunning light gold flowers. Yellow Trillium Can Be Planted Anywhere Although Yellow Trillium can be planted anywhere, they have a unique natural habitat. They typically grow around the Great Smoky Mountains, where they help bring light and beauty to the area. What's truly unusual, though, is how many will naturally arise in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It's unknown why they flock to this specific city, but it certainly provides a bright point of interest for those living there.

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