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10 Summer Gardens Ideas and tips

Summer Gardens

The summer garden offers a place of quiet meditation like no other. Whether it be a vegetable garden, herb garden, or flower garden, there will almost always be little to interfere with one's thoughts while working in that precious space.

In the spring, we look at that patch as we till it, remove the weeds, and plan it all out. With marigolds in their midst to keep out the aphids, Tomatoes will occupy the southeast corner. Corn, with its tall, sun-blocking stalks, will dominate the north rows of the space. Because they thrive in the shade, you can plant cucumbers north of the corn.

As the season progresses, we watch the beanstalks climb their trellises, bloom, and produce. We keep an eye on the stalks of the squash for those murderous grubs that eat them and try the latest treatment for the victims. The pumpkins and other squash are carefully laid upon boards or bricks to keep them off the ground, giving them a better chance against the soil's pests.

By the sweat of the brow, we weed out the unwanted grasses and vines from our patch of earth and meditate on the unwanted vices and iniquities we need to weed from our lives. The garden thrives as we nourish it with the fertilizer of our choice, whether dung from the chicken coop or a bag from the seed and feed store.

Further, into the season, we reap the sweet rewards of our labor. The table is adorned with a centerpiece of fresh-cut flowers. Plates of sliced tomatoes, radishes, onions, and cucumbers are spread out with the steaming pots of beans or peas.

The product may become overwhelming as the season wears on, prodding us to visit the couple next door to share the fruits of our labors. Hopefully, we'll find the time to scan some of this goodness for winter. Potatoes and carrots we merely put in the cellar for safekeeping.

At season's end, we glean the last tidbits of our labors from our patch. Vines and bushes are pulled up, and the dirt is shaken from the roots. We include the patch with leaves and grass clippings like a blanket to keep until spring.

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Periwinkle - Vinca minor - TN Nursery

Periwinkle Plant

Periwinkle is a perennial vine and a low-growing, evergreen ground cover plant with glossy green leaves and small, violet-blue flowers. It is often used to fill in garden spaces and control erosion. Incorporating it into landscaping offers many benefits that add beauty and functionality to outdoor spaces. This versatile ground cover brings lushness, adaptability, erosion control, low-maintenance care, and soft elegance to garden settings. Periwinkle - Vinca minor is famous for its blue flowers, and this flower is an excellent groundcover. Unlike some groundcovers, it proliferates without becoming invasive. Because of this, many home gardeners and landscape designers like to add this cheery flower to their landscape. Periwinkle Plant Has Many Names It initially originated in central and southern Europe. Classified as a part of the dogbane family, this flower quickly spread to the Baltic States, the Netherlands, and the Caucasus. Today, it is grown around the world as a groundcover. Sometimes, people may refer to this groundcover by other common names, like creeping myrtle or myrtle. Periwinkle Plant Helps With Soil Erosion  Periwinkle Plant is truly a gardener’s delight. Its strong roots help to control soil erosion, and its trailing vines are full of glossy leaves. Because deer don’t usually like it, you don’t have to worry about it disappearing. Plus, it can handle some foot traffic, so it doesn’t get trampled easily. Because it is considered an evergreen, it will keep its glossy, green leaves in the winter. After you plant it, the vines will gradually spread over neighboring areas. While it mainly grows along the ground, this vine can sometimes get up to 16 inches tall. Unlike other vines, it never climbs or twines around trees or walls. Instead, you can enjoy having it as a permanent ground cover in your garden. The Periwinkle Plant Flowers Are Sure to Impress The most notable part of this vine is its flowers. They are typically created between early spring and the middle of summer. Sometimes, you will still notice a few flowers in autumn. All of the flowers have a violet-purple shade and a five-lobed corolla. On some species, you can even find white and pale purple flowers. With Periwinkle Plant, you will have an evergreen mat in your garden beds throughout the year. The flowers remain for many of spring and summer so that you can appreciate bright blue pops. Thanks to its rapid growth, you don’t have to wait long to see this lovely vine fill empty areas in your yard.

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