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10 Summer Gardens Ideas and tips

Summer Gardens

The summer garden offers a place of quiet meditation like no other. Whether it be a vegetable garden, herb garden, or flower garden, there will almost always be little to interfere with one's thoughts while working in that precious space.

In the spring, we look at that patch as we till it, remove the weeds, and plan it all out. With marigolds in their midst to keep out the aphids, Tomatoes will occupy the southeast corner. Corn, with its tall, sun-blocking stalks, will dominate the north rows of the space. Because they thrive in the shade, you can plant cucumbers north of the corn.

As the season progresses, we watch the beanstalks climb their trellises, bloom, and produce. We keep an eye on the stalks of the squash for those murderous grubs that eat them and try the latest treatment for the victims. The pumpkins and other squash are carefully laid upon boards or bricks to keep them off the ground, giving them a better chance against the soil's pests.

By the sweat of the brow, we weed out the unwanted grasses and vines from our patch of earth and meditate on the unwanted vices and iniquities we need to weed from our lives. The garden thrives as we nourish it with the fertilizer of our choice, whether dung from the chicken coop or a bag from the seed and feed store.

Further, into the season, we reap the sweet rewards of our labor. The table is adorned with a centerpiece of fresh-cut flowers. Plates of sliced tomatoes, radishes, onions, and cucumbers are spread out with the steaming pots of beans or peas.

The product may become overwhelming as the season wears on, prodding us to visit the couple next door to share the fruits of our labors. Hopefully, we'll find the time to scan some of this goodness for winter. Potatoes and carrots we merely put in the cellar for safekeeping.

At season's end, we glean the last tidbits of our labors from our patch. Vines and bushes are pulled up, and the dirt is shaken from the roots. We include the patch with leaves and grass clippings like a blanket to keep until spring.

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Periwinkle - Vinca minor

Periwinkle - Vinca minor

Periwinkle is a perennial vine and is a low-growing, evergreen ground cover plant with glossy green leaves and small, violet-blue flowers, often used to fill in garden spaces and control erosion. Incorporating it into landscaping offers many benefits that give beauty and functionality to outdoor spaces. This versatile ground cover brings lushness, adaptability, erosion control, low-maintenance care, and soft elegance to garden settings. Periwinkle provides lush ground cover One of the primary advantages of using it in landscaping is its ability to create lush ground cover. Its dense and spreading growth habit forms a carpet of glossy green leaves that covers the soil, adding a touch of vibrancy and texture to the garden. This lush ground cover serves as a backdrop for other plants, helping to unify the landscape and provide a cohesive look. The adaptability of it enhances its value in landscaping. It can thrive in full sun and shade, making it suitable for various garden conditions. This adaptability allows for versatile placement within the landscape, whether in shaded areas where other plants might struggle or in sunny spots where ground cover is desired. It also serves a functional role in erosion control. Its dense mat of roots helps stabilize soil on slopes, preventing erosion and runoff. This erosion control capability is precious in areas prone to soil erosion, where it can effectively anchor the soil and protect the landscape from the damaging effects of water movement. The low-maintenance care it requires makes it a practical choice for landscapers. Once established, it requires minimal intervention, making it an excellent option for gardeners seeking a hassle-free ground cover. Its resilience against pests and diseases further contributes to its ease of care and long-term beauty. The delicate flowers of it add a soft elegance to landscaping designs. Depending on the variety, the plant produces small, five-petaled flowers in shades of blue, purple, or white. These dainty blooms provide a touch of color and charm that can be used to infuse a sense of delicacy and grace into garden settings. In conclusion, the periwinkle offers a range of benefits when used in landscaping projects. Its lush ground cover, adaptability, erosion control capabilities, low-maintenance care, and soft elegance make it a valuable asset in outdoor spaces. By thoughtfully incorporating it into landscape designs, one can create visually appealing, functional, and easily managed gardens that enrich the outdoor experience and provide a harmonious backdrop for other plantings. Get your Periwinkle from TN Nursery Periwinkle, or Vinca minor, is a charming and evergreen groundcover plant that graces gardens and landscapes with its delicate beauty. This perennial herb is celebrated for its ornamental qualities, forming lush carpets of verdant foliage and dainty, trumpet-shaped flowers. Periwinkle Has Beautiful Blue/Purple Flowers Characterized by its glossy, elliptical leaves, its dense, trailing growth habit forms a verdant tapestry across the ground. The leaves, typically a rich, dark green, provide a lush backdrop for the star attraction – the flowers. These blooms appear in spring and early summer, adding color to any garden. Its flowers come in shades of lavender, violet, and occasionally white, adorning the plant with their five-petaled elegance. The petals are marked with darker veining, creating a captivating pattern that adds to their allure. Its charm lies not only in its blossoms but also in its adaptability. It thrives in various conditions, from sun to shade, making it a universal option for gardeners. Its low-maintenance nature is a boon, as it requires minimal care once established. This plant is an excellent choice for erosion control, as its mat-like growth stabilizes soil on slopes and beneath trees. Periwinkle Is The Best Ground-Cover Gardeners and landscapers often use it to create visually appealing borders, cover barren patches, or enhance the aesthetic appeal of pathways. Its elegance and adaptability make it an enduring favorite in formal and informal garden designs. Periwinkle's unassuming charm and graceful presence have made it a beloved addition to gardens worldwide. Its resilience and ability to thrive in various conditions and its vibrant blooms make it a delightful choice for those wanting to add natural beauty to their outdoor spaces. Whether as a ground cover, an accent plant, or a border filler, its enduring allure is a testament to its timeless appeal.

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