Black Oak Tree

Black Oak Tree

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Height At Maturity:
Over 20 Feet

November 1st Through April 15th

Full Sun


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Black Oak Tree - Quercus velutina

Black Oak Tree deriving its name from the dark, deeply grooved nearly black bark of older trees, younger Black Oak trees may appear gray in color. They are distinguishable from its relative the red oak by deep green leaves with seven to nine pointed lobes rather than the rounded lobes of the red oak. A medium to large tree, the black oak can attain heights of 80 feet, although soil conditions will affect the tree's development. In the wild, it begins to produce acorns at about 20 years with a life span of 100 to 500 years.

The Black Oak is found throughout the eastern United States north of Florida. Its exceptionally deep tap root gives it the ability to withstand drought and poor soil better than some other varieties, but it does not tolerate shade well and is difficult to transplant. Its primary use is as a shade tree grown in place. Fall foliage ranges from dull red to orange-brown, and the Black Oak can tolerate cold winters down to USDA Zone 3.

Black Oaks can be known for its gray bark that becomes darker and darker until it has black as ages.

This tree grows best in moist soils. The Black Oak starts creating acorns at age two. This tree can be three feet per year. This tree is fantastic and produces large leaves that help provide lots of shade during the spring and summer. They can grow to become seventy to eighty feet tall when fully mature and look amazing. During the autumn the foliage changes to a golden in color and provide lots of bright colors. They grow best because they can adapt well to all different types of soil conditions. They bloom during the spring and early part of summer. They produce huge canopies, so they need lots of room to grow and mature into healthy and beautiful trees. This tree is terrific at the wildlife that it brings in. The squirrels love playing in the long branches of this tree and also like to dine on the acorns that it produces. It is also great to attract a wide variety of birds to an area. These trees are robust and can withstand lots of harsh weather conditions. They make an outstanding addition to all lawns and landscapes and bring lots of vivid color to all areas where they are planted. 

Black Oak Tree are great shade trees. 



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