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Bloom Season
Spring, Summer,
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Wintercreeper Euonymus 5 For $14.99 Description

Wintercreeper Euonymus

Wintercreeper Euonymus - Euonymus fortunei - is a good choice if you have a vast open space or a location where other plants cannot thrive. In bloom from May to July, this resilient, beautiful plant yields small yellowish blooms that you may use as a short hedge and wall cover. Euonymus is a large genus of woody plant species most prevalent in eastern Asia and certain parts of Europe.

It is considered an evergreen shrub with broad leaves that you may use as a vine or expanding ground cover. The characteristic green-and-gold variety provides a traditional yet vibrant garden that can please the eyes.

It gets its name because it spreads gradually upwards as it matures. It may grow approximately 66 feet in height as a young plant; however, it usually ceases spreading when it hits complete maturity. It is native to North America. If left unchecked, it will expand as an evergreen ground cover, or you can prune it to form a shrub approximately 2 feet tall.

Wintercreeper Euonymus is a woody evergreen vine that is both lovely and useful

Plant it in almost any site that is not prone to flooding or saturation with water. A vast range of soil and sunlight conditions may be tolerable for this plant. Generally, it is a simple plant to cultivate. It is resistant to terrible climatic conditions, drought, lousy soil, and pollutants, rendering it a good pick for growing in urban settlements.

However, since it is an invasive plant, it can grow onto neighboring yards and gardens and climb nearby trees if left unchecked. It is a woody evergreen vine that is both lovely and useful.

These vines may grow to heights around 40 to 70 feet in a short period, making it necessary to prune them to keep them under control. There are many variations accessible, including ones featuring a strong climbing tendency. Euonymus. Erecta is a non-climbing type with upright leaves, while Euonymus. Kewensis seems an excellent ground-hugging carpet that serves best as a ground cover.  

The color and size of the leaf are highly diverse. 1 to 3 inches in length, oval or elliptic in shape, coarsely serrated leaves that might be dark green, variegated, or with purple bottom surfaces are characteristic of this plant.

Early in the summer, a few small, inconspicuous greenish blooms appear on the plant. Following that, little berries appear on the plant, remaining for a long time and serving as a vital food source for birds.

You may use this shrub for pathways or slope stabilization as a side plant. Furthermore, it is also an excellent foundation planting that you can teach to climb up walls, chimneys, or fencing.

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  • 3

    Posted by Paul Myers on Jan 09, 2022

    Thank you TN nursery for letting me place my orders even in a very short time. Though I was denied for a quick delivery request I am hopeful to get hold of these orders. My wintercreeper are loosing its lushes already and cant wait to have this planted again.

  • 5

    Posted by Chloe Campbell on Jan 13, 2022

    Thank you for The healthy plants.. Highly recoomended!

  • 5

    Posted by Paul on Jan 08, 2022

    This vine is starting to manifest its green and thick lushes as springtime comes. I had the best selection from my latest purchase at the TN nursery and can proudly say, am on to my next order.


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