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Ground Covers - 25 Plants

Ground Covers - 25 Plants

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Ground Cover Grab Bag 

Revitalize Your Landscape with Ground Covers - 25 Plant: A Diverse Collection of Beautiful and Functional Ground Cover Plants.

Transform your outdoor spaces into a captivating, low-maintenance haven with Ground Covers - 25 Plant. This well-picked mix of ground covers plants guarantees a gorgeous, visually pleasing, functional landscape thanks to the range of colors, textures, and growth habits. Whether you want to control erosion, suppress weeds, or create a vibrant carpet of foliage, Ground Covers - 25 Plant is your ultimate landscaping solution.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

Ground covers create vibrant foliage

1. Vibrant Diversity: Ground Covers - 25 Plant presents an exquisite array of plant species, each chosen for its unique characteristics and visual appeal. With this collection, you can create a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures, bringing life and beauty to your landscape. From rich greens and bold purples to silvery blues and variegated patterns, these ground covers offer endless possibilities for creating captivating combinations and eye-catching contrasts.

2. Excellent Ground Coverage: These ground cover plants are experts at spreading and filling bare areas, providing a lush and uniform carpet of foliage. Their vigorous growth habits ensure that empty spaces are quickly covered, creating a visually cohesive landscape. Whether you have large open spaces or small gaps between plants, Ground Covers - 25 Plants will fill those areas, leaving no room for weeds to take hold.

3. Erosion Control: One of the critical benefits of Ground Covers - 25 Plant is their ability to control soil erosion effectively. Their dense growth and extensive root systems help stabilize the soil, preventing corrosion caused by wind and water. By planting these ground covers on slopes, embankments, or areas prone to erosion, you can protect your landscape and maintain the integrity of your soil, ensuring long-term stability.

Ground covers make great weed Suppression:

4. Say goodbye to endless weeding sessions with Ground Covers - 25 Plant. These ground covers act as a natural weed suppressant, choking out unwanted plants and minimizing the need for constant maintenance. Their thick foliage shades the soil, depriving weed seeds of sunlight and inhibiting their growth.

5. Low-Maintenance Landscaping: If you're looking for a low-maintenance landscaping solution, Ground Covers - 25 Plant is the answer. Once established, these ground covers take little maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces more and less time caring for them. They are resilient and adaptable, requiring little water, fertilizer, or pruning. Sit back and watch as your landscape flourishes with minimal effort on your part.

6. Versatility in Design: Ground Covers - 25 Plant offers tremendous versatility in landscape design. Whether you want to create a colorful flower bed, add interest to a rock garden, or fill in gaps between stepping stones, these ground covers can suit your specific needs. Their diverse growth habits and forms allow you to create visually appealing arrangements and dynamic compositions, adding depth and character to your landscape.

7. Environmental Sustainability: By choosing Ground Covers - 25 Plant, you make an environmentally conscious choice for your landscape. These ground covers contribute to sustainable gardening practices by conserving water, reducing the need for chemical herbicides, and providing habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators. Their extensive root systems also help improve soil health and promote biodiversity, creating a balanced and ecologically friendly environment.

8. Year-Round Interest: With Ground Covers - 25 Plant, you can enjoy year-round interest in your landscape. While each plant has its own bloom time, many of the ground cover in this collection produce beautiful flowers that add a pop of color and attract pollinators throughout the seasons.

Benefits of Ground Covers - 25 Plants: Enhancing Your Landscape and Simplifying Maintenance
Ground Covers - 25 Plants offer many benefits that make them valuable to any landscape. Whether you're looking to beautify your garden, control soil erosion, or reduce maintenance tasks, these versatile plants deliver. Let's explore the essential benefits of Ground Covers - 25 Plants and discover why they are popular among gardeners.

1. Erosion Control: One of the primary benefits of Ground Covers - 25 Plants is their ability to control soil erosion effectively. Their dense growth habit and extensive root systems help stabilize the soil, preventing corrosion caused by wind and water runoff. By planting these ground covers on slopes, embankments, or areas prone to erosion, you can protect your landscape and preserve the integrity of your soil.

2. Weed Suppression: Ground Covers - 25 Plants act as a natural weed suppressant, reducing the growth of unwanted plants and minimizing the need for constant weeding. These plants form a dense mat of foliage that shades the soil, inhibiting weed growth by blocking sunlight and limiting available resources. This weed-suppressing quality saves you time and effort and helps maintain a neat and well-maintained landscape.

3. Moisture Conservation: Covering the soil surface reduces evaporation, slows water runoff, and retains moisture in the root zone. This water-conserving feature benefits the ground, protects itself, helps maintain soil health, and supports the growth of other plants in your garden. It is advantageous in arid regions or areas with water restrictions.

4. Soil Improvement: Ground Covers - 25 Plants improve the soil's structure and fertility. Their extensive root systems help aerate the soil, improve drainage, and increase its organic matter content as they decompose.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing: Ground Covers - 25 Plants offer a visual feast for your landscape. Their diverse foliage colors, textures, and growth habits add depth, interest, and beauty to your outdoor spaces. This ground covers create a carpet of foliage that acts as a backdrop for other plants or serves as a focal point in its own right. From vibrant greens to silvery blues and variegated patterns, they provide endless options for creative combinations and stunning visual displays.

6. Low-Maintenance Landscaping: Ground Covers - 25 Plants are an excellent choice for a low-maintenance landscaping solution. Once established, they require minimal care, allowing you to spend less time on maintenance tasks and more time enjoying your garden. These plants are typically hardy, drought-tolerant, and pest-resistant, requiring less water, fertilizer, and pruning than other garden plants. They are ideal for busy gardeners or those looking to simplify their gardening routine.

7. Environmental Benefits: By choosing Ground Covers - 25 Plants, you contribute to environmental sustainability. These ground covers help conserve water by reducing evaporation and runoff, supporting conservation efforts.

Essential Tips for Maintaining Ground Covers - 25 Plants: Ensuring a Healthy and Vibrant Landscape
Ground Covers - 25 Plants are known for their ability to provide beautiful and functional coverage while requiring minimal maintenance. Here are some essential pointers for keeping and caring for your Ground Covers - 25 Plants for a healthy and vibrant landscape.

1. Choose the Right Plants: Select ground covers from the Ground Covers - 25 Plants collection that suits your specific growing conditions. Consider factors such as sunlight exposure, soil type, and climate compatibility. Choosing plants that are naturally adapted to your environment increases their chances of thriving and reduces the need for excessive maintenance.

2. Prepare the Soil: Before planting your ground covers, prepare the soil properly. Ensure it is well-drained and free from weeds and debris. Increasing the soil's fertility and structure will provide your ground coverings with a solid basis and encourage their best growth.

3. Adequate Watering: Proper watering is crucial for establishing and growing ground covers. Water newly planted ground covers profoundly and regularly to help their roots develop. Once installed, most ground covers have moderate water requirements. Avoid overwatering because it might cause root rot and other moisture-related problems.

4. Mulching: Apply a layer of organic mulch around your ground covers to conserve soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and regulate soil temperature. Mulch also acts as a protective layer, preventing soil erosion and providing insulation during extreme temperatures. Use a mulch material like shredded bark or compost, and apply it in a layer about 2-3 inches thick, keeping it away from direct contact with the plant stems.

5. Regular Feeding: Ground covers are generally low-maintenance but can benefit from occasional feeding. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper dosage and application. Avoid over-fertilizing, as it can lead to excessive foliage growth and reduce the overall aesthetics of your ground covers.

6. Pruning and Trimming: Regular pruning and trimming help maintain the shape and density of your ground covers. Remove any dead, damaged, or overgrown foliage to improve airflow and prevent the spread of diseases. Trim back any plants encroaching on neighboring areas or paths to maintain a neat appearance. Prune after the flowering period to promote vigorous growth and encourage additional blooms.

7. Weed Control: Although ground covers help suppress weeds, occasional weed control measures may be necessary. Regularly inspect your ground covers for any weed growth and remove them promptly. Hand pulling or using a garden tool to remove weeds, taking care not to disturb the roots of your ground covers. Applying a layer of mulch can also help prevent weed growth and make weed removal easier.

8. Pest and Disease Management: Monitor your ground covers for signs of pests or diseases. Common problems include slugs, snails, and aphids. Implement appropriate pest control measures, such as handpicking, using organic insecticides, or introducing natural predators. Powdery mildew, and promptly address them with proper treatments like fungicides or cultural practices.

9. Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect your ground covers for signs of stress, damage, or irregular growth. Look for discoloration, wilting, or stunted growth, which may indicate underlying issues.

Ground Cover Grab Bag: TN Nursery is proud to offer a ground cover grab bag that will give each customer the chance to have a horticulturist assess which plants will best suit your needs, according to your growing USDA zone. 

Our specialists will hand-curate your order and delight you with an array of 25 plants that will be easy to plant and maintain. We specialize in hardy, healthy species that are generally agreeable and thrive in many conditions.

Ground Cover Grab Bag: Benefits

Planting ground cover plants can ensure you have a low-maintenance garden. It also provides several earth-friendly advantages. Consider these: 

  • The ground cover helps minimize soil erosion, especially in parts of the yard where you cannot get anything to grow. When you find the right ground cover plant, you help lessen the impact of soil erosion stemming from wind and rapid water runoff.
  • Ground cover plants help to provide foliage that ground birds need for nesting and hatching their young. Your ground cover grab bag will help them hide from predatory species.
  • Planting thick, dense groundcover plants helps to eliminate weeds without the need for manual weeding or chemical sprays that can harm healthy plant cells. 

Ground Cover Grab Bag information 

ground cover grab bag can include a variety of species. Our horticultural specialist will review your growing zone and needs to create a perfectly customized package.


Some items might include: 

  • Ornamental grasses (Sedge grass, Carex pensylvanica)
  • Moss (Cushion moss, peat moss, fan clubmoss)
  • Woody vines (Virginia creeper, English ivy)
  • Perennial flowers (Creeping phlox, evening primrose, ragwort, bugleweed) 

TN Nursery has hundreds of vigorous plant species from which we will choose the best ground cover plants--just for YOU. 

Ground Cover Grab Bag (25 Plants) is available at TN Nursery Today 

If you are ready to be delighted and surprised, order your groundcover grab bag today--we are eager to select your plants with love and care.

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Smaller than I expected

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Packaging was perfect.i received the plant after week and in a very good condition..

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I Received a Very Healthy plants. I am Very satisfied with What I bought.

Daniel Gardner
Ground cover grab bag 25 plants

Though many since its 25 plants but then my lovely plants arrived in such great condition, packed thoughtfully and carefully.

We’re really grateful and appreciate you taking the time to share your rating with us, Daniel. We hope to see you shopping with us again!