NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Vines For Zone 3

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Vines For Zone 3

Purchase your Vines For Zone 3 some of the most widely used ground covers from Tn Nursery

Creeping Myrtle Vine

Creeping Myrtle Vine is one of the most widely used ground covers. This vine-like perennial plant produces tubular, lavender-blue flowers from its leaf axils in spring. The delicate flowers continue to bloom sporadically throughout summer and into fall. The color name periwinkle is derivative of the flowers of this plant, also known as Common Periwinkle. The trailing stems root at the leaf nodes and rapidly spread to create a lovely, dense ground cover. Though not as invasive as its larger leafed relative, Vinca major Vine, Creeping Myrtle Vine is quite vigorous. Once this fast-growing plant becomes established, it is tough to eradicate. Due to its hardiness, this plant is an excellent choice for areas with poor soil and drainage. It is also very helpful in erosion control applications.

Vines for Zone 3 are used to cover many unwanted eyesores

Virginia Creeper Vine
Virginia Creeper Vine is an excellent ornamental or ground cover plant. Virginia Creeper can be used to cover any unwanted eyesores with its beautiful green leaves that turn a deep red color. In summer, the flowers bloom creating yellowish-green clusters throughout the vine. Often confused with Poison Ivy, this vine can be differentiated by its five leaflets, instead of the three of the Poison Ivy.

Vines for Zone 3 spread out instead of growing up

This adaptable vine does not only grow up trees and walls but will also send out ground roots to form a spread. If left uncontrolled, the vine can easily choke trees and shrubs, so constant supervision is needed to keep it under control.

Fruit is produced on this vine in the form of small berries that are purple. The berries are poisonous to humans, but animals will often eat and excrete the seeds, which will pollinate a new vine.

Vines For Zone 3 These plants ship bare root and are ready to plant upon arrival. Buy now you will be very pleased.

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