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Vines For Tennessee are very colorful and hardy

In the state of Tennessee, we offer 55 different types of vines for your state. These specific seeds are one of our most popular, and we are looking to broaden the seed options that we can offer you as an essential state to us. Please take the time at the point of checkout to stop and leave us your input in the form of a comment in the section given so that we can better our company and offer a more broad selection to your state and many others.

Vines For Tennessee need love and attention

The combinations of yellows and whites against the dark green foliage make this vine become a dominant feature in the landscape or garden area reasonably quickly. This vine can also be trained to grow in the shape of a hedge if so desired. It produces so carefully and is so thick that it can even act as a natural privacy hedge. Hall’s Honeysuckle is a beautiful vine with yellow and white flowers that adds a pleasant fragrance in the summertime to your landscape. This is a very hardy plant and fast growing that will quickly cover a bank or area for ground cover, even if there is barren soil, sun or shade. If planted at the base of a trellis, the growth will cover it in one to two seasons, and the smell is terrific. This sweet aroma is also a favorite among hummingbirds, so step back and watch them swarm to reap its nectar.

Vines for Tennessee are very common vines

They do great when planted in average soil conditions.  This plant blooms from April to June each year.  When the fall months arrive, it provides beautiful red leaves that bring a location to life.  These grow to become very thick and dense, and they can also help keep areas more relaxed in the summer months as they can provide shade when needed.  These also work wonderfully when used to create a beautiful ground cover because of the length that they can grow.  These vines are lovely and give all locations where they are planted an abundance of color as they grow.