Vines & Climbers

Vines Are The Perfect Climbers

Vine plants make excellent climbers. They easily climb and are very hardy with little maintenance needed to live and thrive. Vines also prevent soil erosion, sustain slopes and hillside areas giving them needed stability and come in a variety of different varieties as flowering, evergreen, fruiting and native species.

Homeowners seeking a combination of privacy and outdoor gardening beauty may want to consider adding evergreen vines to their yards. Instead of installing expensive fencing or outdoor walls, a simple lattice can serve as a foundation for a beautiful, living and growing privacy screen.For homeowners looking to add height to their yards without taking up a lot of ground space, evergreen vines can be an easy answer. Besides, vines can provide much-needed shade from the hot summer sun much more quickly than growing full-sized trees. If a homeowner happens to have a steep bank in the yard where they are unable to produce grass, vines can also serve as a crawling ground cover.Homeowners should select evergreen vines depending on where they want to plant them, the condition of their soil and how they plan to support the vines.

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Some vines offer dense foliage and proliferate, which work well for creating a living wall

Others offer many flowers that bloom frequently, and these can be beautiful near a window or patio. Tall, vigorous evergreen vines can be grown on an arbor to provide shade, and smaller ground covers may be used to decorate other things in the yard or home such as giving decor for a mailbox. English Ivy, Partridge Berry, Vinca Minor and Wintercreeper are top sellers.

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Deciduous vines will provide shade on hot days while allowing light to pass through quickly in the winter when they do not have growth. Homeowners can more easily experiment with annual vines regarding design.Most evergreen vines grow well in moist but well-drained soil, but there is a variety of ground covers that can be used in just about any soil and light situation. Evergreen vines are easy to prune and care for throughout the growing season. Ground covers do not only provide all these practical advantages, but there are so many varieties that have beautiful leaves, colorful flowers, new growth patterns and lovely scents. Buy our vines for sale online and get mature blooming age plants shipped to your door.


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