Vines For Ohio

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Vines For Ohio are essential for covering sections of a wall or fence

In the state of Ohio, we offer a lot of different types of vines for your state. These specific small plants are one of our most popular, and we are looking to widen the seed options that we can offer you as an essential state to us. Please take the time at the point of checkout to stop and leave us your input in the form of a comment in the section given so that we can better our company and offer a more broad selection to your state and many others.

Vines For Ohio are fast-growing evergreen vines

English Ivy, also known as European Ivy, is a popular evergreen commonly used as a ground cover. It grows quickly, up to 8 inches high, along with the ground and as climbing plants (on trees, cliffs, and walls) in partially to fully shaded areas, even under trees.

Vines for Ohio like the Trumpet Vine have stunning orange blooms

Trumpet Vine can be alluded to as the hummingbird vine. The Plant can be known for its blossoms that are long and trumpet molded and can be the length of four inches. The blooms can be shaded anything from red to white, even yellow. These blossoms show up amid the late spring months and turn into a noteworthy nourishment hotspot for hummingbirds.