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TN Nursery, a top-rated plant seller, has all the native plants available online for your convenience. Have you ever wished you could add native plants to your garden, but you've explored prices and found yourself unable to afford all the plants you want? Or you're interested in shopping online but can't find reputable nurseries.

About TN Nursery

Our business was created in 1959. We've always been a family-owned operation; today, we're proudly still family-operated. TN Nursery is in its 64th year and is in the third generation of the family.

We offer various native plants for sale online, including live moss, ferns, vines, shrubs, perennials, trees, and specialty plants.

Why Buy Native Plants From TN Nursery 

If you're looking for native plants online, there's no need to look further. We have more of what you need, making shopping suitable for these reasons.

Exceptional variety: If there's a native plant your heart desires, you can search for it on our website and likely find it. We often sell plants in packs of five or 10 to facilitate faster and easier planting. You'll have a blossoming garden before you know it.

Affordable pricing: The grower's direct pricing means a large margin reduces costs compared to other nurseries. Whether you buy one plant or a dozen, you can save, using your money, on fertilizer and other plant accessories.

Frequent deals and discounts: If the low prices still need to be incredible, we offer a clearance section where you can track discounted stock. Additionally, 95 percent of the native plants available are free if you buy one.

Speedy shipping: With accelerated nationwide shipping, your plants will arrive faster. This shipping rate applies to all orders.

See Why TN Nursery Is Voted the #1 Plant Nursery

It's clear why gardeners can't stop raving about TN Nursery. Between the incredible selection, unbeatable prices, and dedication to customer service, you can't find a better place to buy native plants online.

The quality of the plants is excellent, as you can narrow your search results by factors like hardiness zone and how much sunlight a plant requires. Your plants will likely arrive dormant, but once the growing season begins, they'll come to life in beautiful shades of green.

Our customer service promise is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We take quality seriously, so we assure you of the quality of your plant for up to a year.