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15 Ferns - TN Nursery
15 Ferns
15 Ferns - TN Nursery
15 Ferns - TN Nursery
15 Ferns - TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Corey Pelletier
Great product, please clarify not a live plant!

I only found out halfway through shipping that I was receiving root balls instead of small live ferns, but it's hard to complain when I got way more than expected and all seem healthy and ready to grow!

Charles Kinney
Christmas ferns looked fine, the rest looked smaller/more fragile.

Won't know until spring if non-Christmas ferns will make it, but I believe the Christmas ferns will do well.

Nicole Donovan
Nice plants, but was missing 4 ferns

The plants came packaged well, on time, great quality. Look healthy and alive. My only issue was I was missing 4 rhizomes. I was supposed to get two packs of five each of three kinds (two fifteen packs), plus two ostrich. I dug 32 holes but only came up with 28 rhizomes total. I very carefully separated each rhizome to make sure they weren’t just stuck together, but alas. I only received 28. Bit of a bummer. But I’ve actually had this happen before buying rhizomes or bulbs with other companies, it says 10 but you only get 7, so maybe its an issue with the way its being sold. Either way not 100% sure if I’ll but more or just stick to mature plants.

E Weil
Bare roots - always a question

Planted them and we shall see!

Tom Nebel
Seems good so far

Ferns were well packaged separating the species. All seemd in good shape. Have no idea until next Spring as to how well they perform!