Fern Variety - 10 Plants



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Fern Variety - 10 Plants

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Fern Variety - 10 Plants



Now May


Mature Age
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Fern Variety Set 10 Ferns 

Fern Variety Set(10 Ferns): TN Nursery proudly offers a fern variety set. This hand-selected, curated collection ensures that you get the best ferns. Your collection includes species that best suit the requirements of your USDA growing zone.  

● Have you been curious about growing ferns?

● Did you wish you had tried but were unsure you would succeed?

● Have you ever wished an expert horticulturist available to help you pick the best ferns?

● Are you unsure which ferns will perform well in your region? 

Guess what...TN Nursery can help you confidently take that next step.  

TN Nursery Will Hand Select the Best Ferns 

When you order our fern variety set, you will receive ten healthy bare-root ferns that will quickly display lush green fronds. We will hand-pick the best ferns for you. You will have the plants you need to transform the most barren parts of your shady or partially shady yard into an oasis your neighbors will covet.  

When you order, we will consider your USDA growing zone and choose a package with the best ferns for your location and growing needs.  

What Ferns Might We Include in The Fern Variety Set?  

TN Nursery grows healthy ferns and several popular species. We produce the following species at our nursery in central Tennessee: 

● Royal ferns

● Cinnamon ferns

● Fiddlehead ferns

● Ostrich ferns

● Sensitive ferns

● Leatherwood ferns

● Maidenhair ferns

● Giant ostrich ferns

● Bracken ferns

● New York ferns

● Christmas ferns

● Glade ferns

● Hay-scented ferns 

Of course, not each of these species suits every growing zone. But you don't need to worry about that--leave your selection of ferns our knowledgeable staff. Our experts are here to help! 

TN Nursery Digs Your Fern Variety Set Fresh–and Only After You Order 

TN Nursery only digs up products from our nursery after a customer places an order. This process ensures we ship only fresh, healthy products to our customers. Let us surprise you! Place your order today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Celia Lockwood

Only 5 have come up through the soil at this time.

Carol Thompson
Fern variety set

Hard to judge because the ferns won't come up until Spring. I always hesitate to buy bare root plants and won't do it again, but because of a problem with this company, but because we have seemingly hundreds if squirrels who dig up every root I plant. I find them all over the yard and have to replant as many as five times. This is not good for the plant, or for me. I will say that the roots arrived in good shape, and seem like they will produce great ferns eventually, if the squrriels haven't damaged those roots.

Great Product

They picked 10 ferns (3 different types) that would be good for my region. The ferns were shipped quickly. rhizomes and roots look really healthy. I have had the plants for about a week or so and the fronds are already growing quickly! Very happy with this purchase!

Love The Fern Grab Bag! :)

Very satisfied :) Received an extra fern for free also :D I'll be buying from you guys more, that's for sure. Thank you! :)

Paul Cedro
Shipping was super fast

Arrived in two days, I followed the instructions to keep in the crisper until ready to plant.

Thank you so much for your feedback, Paul! It makes our day hearing about how much our customers love plants.