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Groundcovers For Erosion

Groundcovers For Erosion

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jul 13 , 2013

Using Groundcovers to Combat Soil Erosion


Problems Caused by Erosion

Soil erosion is a standard issue in windy or rainy areas and occurs when small particles of soil are picked up and deposited elsewhere. This can cause significant damage and a steady decline in the quality of your soil. In occasions of high-intensity rainfall, topsoil is quickly transported to other areas and leaves the soil behind lacking in important nutrients. 

Soil erosion can be slowed through the use of groundcovers. These plants usually grow low to the ground and have fibrous roots which absorb rainwater and hold the soil tighter. 

The combination of these attributes reduces runoff and aid in reducing the degradation of soil nutrients.At any Online Nursery, you can buy affordable groundcovers.

Three Prevention Options

Some of the most effective groundcovers are English ivy, vines and vinca minor. These plants are especially useful on steep slopes and banks and act as stabilizers in the soil. Even high-intensity rainfall often leaves these plants and the soil beneath them intact. Vinca minor grows low to the ground, and consequently, wind rarely affects it. Beyond being useful in combating soil erosion, these plants are also decorative and can significantly enhance the visual appearance of your garden. Vinca minor has small, lavender-colored flowers that bloom in early spring and continue flowering intermittently throughout the summer and fall. English ivy and many varieties of vines can also be attractive backdrops, and their green leaves don't interfere with any color schemes you may already have within your garden.

Try a Groundcover

Groundcovers are available at almost any nursery or greenhouse and are a worthwhile investment if you desire to combat runoff. Successful gardening and agricultural efforts rely on soil that is rich in nutrients, and this can quickly be lost through high-intensity rainfall and other causes of drainage. 

Research has proven the using plants like vinca minor, English ivy, pachysandra or vines is an efficient way to combat erosion and maintain a higher quality of soil in your garden. These hardy plants are easily grown and maintained and should quickly improve your soil and guard against further erosion issues.

Source of Information on Groundcovers Preventing Soil Erosion