NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Fragrant Plants

Do you love a delicate fragrant inside your home with all kinds of scented candles, spices and essential oils? Tn Nursery has got all types of fragrant trees and plants to offer you that same ora outdoors as well as indoors with a wide array of highly fragrant plants for your outdoor enjoyment. Some of the best sellers include the honeysuckle plants, these vining beauties are perfect for climbing porch posts, fences, or even a trellis. They are highly fragrant and also attract hummingbirds to fee off their nectar in mid to late summer. What about an old-fashioned cedar tree for Christmas? We have the native cedar trees the pioneers used for Christmas trees. They can be used indoors also and have a highly natural aroma that reminds us of the Holiday season. We know you will find the perfect tree, groundcover, shrub or perennial for your outdoor needs choosing your selection from Tn Nursery. We offer fast and affordable shipping too.

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Fragrant Plants

Beautiful Fragrant Plants 

Can't get enough of those beautiful yet, wildly unique fragrant plants? Maybe searching for something new? TN Nursery is known for those delicate or strong scents you crave for. From trees, shrubs, native plants, and so much more. Suppose you're on a short budget, don't worry. TN Nursery has you covered starting from five to six dollars on plants.


 For simple spring plants, Largeleaf Phlox (also known as a perennial plant) is an excellent plant for shady areas. Although it prefers moist, shaded soil, it grows well in the sun. Colors ranging from purple, blue, and lavender, growing just under three feet. This plant doesn't require a lot of attention, making it an excellent first-time plant for beginners. Largeleaf Phlox is only $5.29.


Fragrant Plants Perfect For Any Landscape


 A fragrant plant that is used for medicinal purposes is the Mountain Mint. Coming in just under three feet requires total sun exposure (also in the perennial category). This plant thrives in many environments yet, simple to maintain. Beware when planting it; although its beauty catches eyes, it also catches the attention of the unwanted. Being a very high fragrant plant, it attracts a variety of insects. This includes destructive ones like flies and beetles yet, encourages ones like butterflies and bees. Mountain Mint Must be watched. It tends to grow excessively. Trim it when necessary; this will keep it strong. Mountain Mint is only $5.49, only comes in the color white.


 A native plant that grows in wet marshy areas is the Milkweed. These are mainly grown around ponds and water gardens. They require total exposure to the sun. They also range just under three feet, colors ranging from the point, purple, and lavender. Milkweed is a summer plant; it's well known for attracting butterflies. Mainly found in wetlands, rivers, marshes(etc.). It gives blooms to upside-down-looking umbrella flowers, giving this plant a lot of characteristics; for any and every pollinator-friendly garden, it's perfect. At times it can come in at five feet tall; milkweed is priced at $5.99.


 The coneflower plant is the most recognized wildflower—colors ranging from purple, lavender, pink, and even white. At full maturity, the plant can get two to five feet tall taken the seeds only three to four weeks to germinate. Most gardeners use them as cut flowers, meaning decorative use. Coneflower encourages pollination, making bees, butterflies(etc.) flock to them. Coneflower is priced at $5.39, requiring total sun exposure.


 These are just a few plants found on their website Even if you plan to buy a few shrubs, this site is the place for all.


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