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Ground cover plants sale online — living mulch ground cover package deals

It might take a lot of plants to fill all the little gaps in your garden, especially if you want to create a living mulch. That’s why we’ve created several ground cover package deals that will help you cover all that space and offer superb value for money.

If you’ve got a smaller space, our 10-plant ground cover collection is a great choice. You’ll get a selection of 10 mixed ground covers that perfectly match your garden zone for only $19.99.

Buy 10 mixed ground covers now for only $19.99

If you’ve got a slightly larger space to fill, you’ll need a larger package that offers even better value and our 25-plant ground cover package should fit the bill nicely. You’ll get a beautiful selection of 25 mixed ground covers that grow splendidly in our garden zone.

Buy 25 mixed ground covers now for only $39.99

If you’ve got an even larger space or you want to help a friend create a living mulch as well, then our ground cover garden package is going to be perfect for your needs. For only $99.99 you’ll get 50 species that perfectly compliment each other. The package consist of:

  • 10 pink phlox plants
  • 10 blue phlox plants
  • 10 English ivy plants
  • 10 partridge berry plants
  • 10 periwinkle plants

Buy 50 ground covers now for only $99.99

Pro tip:

While you wait for your new ground covers to spread and fill their allotted space, cover any bare soil with an organic mulch that will decompose quickly (lucerne is a good choice). This will protect your soil and plant roots until your ground cover plants have expanded and the organic mulch will also fertilize the soil as it breaks down.

So if you want to grab an awesome deal on a living mulch, all our ground cover package deals are jam-packed with beautiful plants that will fill all those bare patches of soil with greenery. Buy yours today from $19.99.