Water Gardens - Facts and Information

Monday, July 18

Do you like the look and style or a water garden?

Water gardens are easy to install with these easy to follow instructions.

Determine your location - by deciding your location it will let you know how large you want to go.

Size - Your size depends on your location and how much room you have.

Layout - you can use a prefabricated pool kit or purchase a pond liner. I prefer liners because it allows to do more customizing. Trace your area with spray paint, water hose or string and then start digging.

Once your hole is dug to depth and size you can lay your liner. Always allow for a few extra feet on the outside so that the water can go in and form your water hole. When forming your water garden after you place the liner in and start filling it with water, make sure you secure the excess with rocks or landscaping timbers. Rocks are great because it gives it the natural look.

After your water garden has been filled up you can add your fish, pond plants or pond pump by adding all these features you can have a great looking water garden in no time. What are the 3 Best Plant for Beginner Water Gardens ?

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