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Discover TN Nursery - Your Source for Gorgeous Plants

Seeking a reputable "plant nursery nearby"? Conveniently located just 10 miles outside McMinnville, TN, Nursery has specialized in growing exceptional ornamental plants for Middle Tennessee gardens for over 30 years. As longtime Zone 6 and 7 plant experts, we tailor our offerings and growing practices specifically for regional conditions.

Unrivaled Plant Selection and Variety

Across our lush 100-acre nursery, you'll discover the Midstate's largest collection of vibrant ornamental plants. Varieties proven to flourish through the seasons here include:

  • Flowering shrubs like hydrangea, rose of Sharon, and lilac for stunning displays
  • Native azaleas, dogwoods, ferns, and more, ideal for natural woodland plantings
  • Fruiting blackberry vines, apple and peach trees for backyard bounty
  • Perennials like salvia, yarrow, and ornamental grasses for recurring pops of color
  • Broadleaf evergreens like holly, boxwood, and euonymus for year-round texture
  • Rare cold-hardy plant finds you won't spot at big box or chain nurseries

Expect fresh inspiration around every bend, whether dreaming up a new garden showcase, pollinator habitat, or decorative pots!

Regional Plants Selected for Peak Performance

Through decades focused exclusively on growing plants for Zone 6 and 7 gardens, our expert horticulturists understand the connection between plants and Middle Tennessee's variable climate, humidity, soil, and seasons. We apply this insider knowledge to:

Select and breed plants capable of withstanding regional humidity extremes, summer heat waves, and winter cold snaps

  • Amend soil recipes to balance pH and nutrients based on specific plants' needs
  • Time propagation and transplanting around normal rainfall patterns for strong establishment
  • Harden off plants before you take them home to withstand moisture fluctuations

The result? Plant varieties genetically equipped to overcome common regional growing challenges and thrive for years of beauty in your landscape. You'll enjoy healthier plants and less seasonal dieback compared to imported big-box nursery stock.

Passion for Growing Beautiful Hardy Plants

For our team, nurturing gorgeous plants from seedlings and cuttings is a 30+ year labor of love. You'll find this commitment evident across our nursery, including:

  • Hand pruning and training for desirable size, form, flowers, and yields
  • Integrated pest management focused on prevention
  • Customized soil mixes and fertilization for steady, vigorous growth
  • Daily inspection for emerging issues, prompt targeted treatment
  • Seasonal protection from temperature extremes

Our uncompromising care culminates in fuller foliage, abundant blooms, and ultimate performance once established in your landscape!

Trust TN Nursery for Vibrant Plants

Ready to uncover healthy plants bred specifically for Middle Tennessee gardens by a trusted nearby plant nursery? Contact our experts at TN Nursery to chat plants or schedule a private guided nursery tour!