Leland Cypress is a successful hybrid fence

Nowadays, with so many people living in housing developments and neighborhoods where space is at a premium, the private backyard is, for many people, only a pipe dream.

The backyard hot tub, sauna, or swimming pool is easily within the financial reach of many. Still, once the pool or tub is installed, the owners would be subjected to the stares of their neighbors simply because there is often no delineation between one backyard and the next.

Often, a privacy fence of wooden slats is the answer, but these fences are often expensive to install, and maintenance must be done to keep the fence in good repair.

In the Leland cypress, nature has provided a worry-free alternative to the privacy fence that, once installed, will never have any associated maintenance costs.

The Leland cypress is an evergreen shrub that can reach nearly the height of a small tree in even less than perfect growing conditions. The shrub is fast-growing, growing as fast as a foot per year. It has thick, dense foliage that provides the perfect privacy screen, naturally and without worrying about replacing rotting boards or painting. Not only will the Leland cypress provide a privacy screen, but due to the very nature of the plant, it is very good at blocking unwanted sounds from your backyard retreat while keeping your conversations private.

Why invest time and money into a backyard that you can’t enjoy to its fullest without having the spying eyes of others watching? Why invest time and money into a privacy fence that will cost even more in maintenance and upkeep? Nature has designed the perfect privacy fence in the Leland cypress, which can be found in the best plant nurseries and horticulture supply houses.


Bald Cypress Tree - TN Nursery

Bald Cypress Tree

The Bald Cypress tree has leathery, fern-like foliage that turns a stunning reddish-brown in the fall before dropping; they add a touch of grace to any landscape. They are magnificent deciduous conifers with many pleasing attributes incorporated into landscaping designs. Native to the southeastern United States, these are highly adaptable, making them an excellent choice for various environments. Here are some of the critical reasons why these are a perfect addition to any landscaping project: Bald Cypress Tree Has Beautiful Foliage Bald Cypress trees are known for their beautiful foliage. It is delicate and feathery, adorned by green needles that give it a lush appearance. It's also soft to the touch, making it safe for pets and children and easy to explore and appreciate. If you like watching it change with the seasons, they are a perfect fit. Fall weather sees them transform into a golden hue, and they retain a stately appearance in the winter months. Get Year-Round Appeal With The Bald Cypress Tree They offer something different for every season. New growth emerges in the spring, signaling warmer weather is coming. By summer, they are lush and full, its shade providing a welcome respite from the heat and sun. Fall brings fiery colors of gold and burnt orange, and the barrenness of winter allows them to show off its stately silhouette. Having one or more of these as part of your landscape is always a good season.  Enhance Landscapes With Bald Cypress Tree Its stately, commanding appearance can serve as the focal point of any landscape. People's eyes are naturally drawn to it, and it can complete a mixture of architectural styles, both modern and classical. By planting them alongside ponds or other natural bodies of water, you can create a contrast that enhances the area's natural beauty. Best of all, these can thrive in all kinds of soil conditions, making them a great choice no matter where you live or what landscape you work with. Bald Cypress trees are timeless. They were considered beautiful and stately centuries ago and will be centuries later. This gives them a sense of refinement that can enhance any outdoor setting. Because their commanding yet subtle appearance evokes tranquility, they are ideal for creating peaceful retreats in gardens, parks, and nature preserves. If your landscape is more barren, these can build scale and balance with their commanding presence. They can "pop" in just about any landscape.

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