Green Mountain Boxwood

Green Mountain Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that is popular for landscaping projects due to its versatility and attractive appearance

This hardy shrub is well-suited for foundation plantings, hedges, borders, and topiaries and is an ideal choice for adding structure, texture, and color to any landscape. Green Mountain Boxwood is a drought-tolerant shrub that is easy to maintain and can thrive in various climates.

One of the best attributes of it and wintergreen boxwood is its versatility, making it great for many different applications. This shrub is commonly used as a hedge or privacy screen due to its dense growth, which makes it ideal for blocking noise and views. Additionally, Green Mountain Boxwood is a popular choice for foundation plantings, thanks to its lush growth and foliage, making it an excellent choice for helping to block soil erosion.

Tips for Maintenance of Green Mountain Boxwood

One of the best ways to maintain it is to keep it properly pruned. Once every year, it would help if you pruned away about one-third of the shrub's branches to promote new growth and ensure that it remains dense and healthy. For best results, prune your shrubs before they enter their dormant period. Remember that it is a shrub that grows best when kept neat, so remove any dead or diseased branches as they appear. Regularly watering your shrubs during drought is another essential part of maintenance.

Advantages of Green Mountain Boxwood

There are many advantages to adding Green Mountain Boxwood to your landscape, including its ability to thrive in various soils and climates, its low maintenance requirements, and the fact that it can be used in several ways.

It is a low-maintenance shrub that can be used in many applications in the landscape, including as a privacy hedge or foundation planting. This hardy evergreen shrub is well-suited for climates that receive cold winters and is an excellent choice for landscapers looking to add a long-lasting, attractive shrub to their yards. When planted in an adequately selected spot, It makes for a durable shrub that adds structure, texture, and color to any landscape.

Green Mountain Boxwood - TN Nursery

Green Mountain Boxwood

Green Mountain Boxwood is a compact, evergreen shrub with dark, oval-shaped leaves that offers a formal and neat appearance in gardens and landscapes. It is a versatile and highly beneficial evergreen shrub with numerous advantages in landscaping projects. This variety is admired for its compact, upright growth habit and lush, dark foliage. Green Mountain Boxwood is a conifer bush popular with landscapers, topiary artists, and gardeners. It's also known as Buxus microphylla var. japonica or Buxus X. Some gardeners call it the shrub. It's native to Asia and Europe and typically grows between three and five feet tall. Green Mountain Boxwood Is A Evergreen  The hedge is an evergreen, meaning the leaves retain color all year. The only exception is in winter if it's exposed to full sunlight. In that instance, the leaves may turn bronze. However, they only stay bronze for a short time. This popular hedge grows to a height of five feet and typically has a width or spread between two and three feet. It's prized for its dense foliage, which makes it easy to prune and shape. Gardeners can expect it to grow an average of three inches per year and reach a height of three feet within the first ten years. It can be identified by the opposite arrangement of its leaves and by its square stems. Gardeners and landscapers commonly use it as a foundation hedge, living fence, hedge maze, or mass planting for sculpting purposes. It's highly prized for its ability to take on topiary forms. The Blooms Of The Green Mountain Boxwood In the spring, it grows clusters of yellow, tan, or gold flowers. The fragrant blossoms attract butterflies, bees, and even hummingbirds. These characteristics make it the perfect outline for flower, knot, and butterfly gardens. Plants That Do Well Next To Green Mountain Boxwood  It does well alongside many other shrubs, bushes, and flowers. Some favorites include lilacs, roses, lavender, tulips, daffodils, Russian sage, petunias and peonies. Green Mountain Boxwood is a popular and preferred shrub by many landscapers and gardeners. It can form living fences and hedge mazes and outline flower beds and knot gardens. Skilled horticulturalists can even shape this beautiful shrub into elegant and eye-catching pieces of living art pieces

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