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Haircap Moss Polytrichum commune 

Haircap moss: Polytrichum commune, which most people know best as haircap moss, is a plant that grows in large colonies worldwide. Polytrichum commune naturally grows in damp, boggy soils throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. 

Its habitats include the edges of forests, soil-covered sandstone ledges, and canyons. Despite its harsh environment, it attracts other plants and seeds. It can surpass your expectations as a ground cover plant, even in a fully shaded part of your yard or garden. 

TN Nursery offers gardeners some of the most striking haircap moss in the marketplace today. 

Haircap Moss Lends Makes a Striking Appearance in Any Garden

Haircap moss features sheathed stems in dark and glossy green. The stems and branches might appear delicate, but looks can be deceiving. Traditional basketweavers have used haircap moss in their craft for centuries--it is more robust than you can imagine! 

Haircap moss displays leaves with softly pointed tips. The color is an eye-pleasing bright hue of green. In groups, the Polytrichum commune can look like miniature conifer forests. The moss' name, Polytrichum, means "many hairs." It earns that name from the hairy appearance of the crisp green leaves.  

Where Can You Plant Haircap Moss? 

Despite its feathery appearance, haircap moss is tough and resilient. You can grow this moss in either full shade or partial shade. With sufficient watering, you can also place this hardy little plant in the full sun--it will adapt. 

Plan to use haircap moss as a ground cover plant in rocky soil or a shade garden. It spreads over a few seasons. As it fills in, it helps to minimize soil erosion and to prevent flooding. 

Do you need a ground cover slightly above your other mossy plants? Then haircap moss might be the solution to your problem. That's because the Polytrichum commune is one of the tallest mosses, reaching four inches in height at maturity.  

Order Your Polytrichum commune Today From TN Nursery

The experts at TN Nursery will be pleased to fill your order--give haircap moss a try! You won't be disappointed. 

Haircap  moss is a great way to add depth to any garden and can even be transplanted

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