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Vines Can Be Helpful in Your Landscape, If You Know How to Use Them


Vines offered by TN Nursery are North American native species or those well-adapted to our continent for centuries. Why is that important? Native plants are the most resilient and robust to our growing conditions, translating into a better customer experience. All vines we carry are resistant to various threats, easy to take care of, and gorgeous in your garden.


TN Nursery is a 70-year leader in the horticulture industry. Our decades of know-how have allowed us to perfect our processes and produce the healthiest bare-root plants available. Shipping bare-root plants is the most economical and eco-friendly way to deliver them. We don't waste your money on shipping boxes of dirt or plastic containers that end up in landfills.


When you receive your bare-root plants, they will be dormant. They might not look alive, but if you gently scrape the outer layer with a clean knife, you'll see the green that proves they are most certainly alive and well. After you plant and water them, they will grow into healthy plants faster than you'd imagine.


All Vines Offer Several Benefits to the Garden


Why grow vines? All vines have practical applications; you can decide which species is worth including in your landscape plan.


Here are three primary reasons TN Nursery customers choose them:


  •        Shade: Those who need to shade a patio or deck but have limited space might consider all the vines we offer. Unlike trees with giant footprints, our vines can grow on an arbor or trellis, and you only need to allow a small space for the roots. Not to mention, they are so pretty to look at!
  •        Privacy: If you have neighbors that live too close for comfort, vines can be an affordable and gorgeous privacy shield. Instead of investing in a costly fence, you can erect less expensive trellises near each other and let them climb.
  •        Soil protection: Almost all vines we carry at TN Nursery are unparticular about soil type or quality so you can plant them in some of the most challenging areas of your yard. Once you add plants to bare spots, you protect the soil from the harmful effects of wind and water erosion. The roots establish quickly and help provide structure to the earth.


You Can Shop for All Vines from TN Nursery With Confidence


At TN Nursery, our customers can see the love and care that goes into all our plants as soon as they receive their first order. That commitment is what keeps our customers coming back for more. Please feel free to reach out while you shop; we're happy to help.


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