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Ground Cover Plants

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Affordable ground cover plants — the ultimate living mulch

Ground covers serve a variety of functions, from filling space to maintaining soil moisture levels to suppressing weeds to decorating garden beds to insulating the delicate roots of other nearby plants. This makes them a vital part of every garden. But what ground covers should you choose for your garden? Your options include pebbles and other inorganic mulches, wood chips and other organic mulches, or living mulch in the form of ground cover plants.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to each kind of mulch, but we think our living ground cover plants make the best mulch and here's why:

Ground cover plants fill space in a highly attractive and decorative way
Many of us wish our gardens were more extensive so we could fit more plants in. If this is you, then you'll be pleased to know you can fit more plants into your space without buying more land just by covering the soil with living mulch ground cover plants.

We stock a vast range of flowering ground covers with some that will suit USDA zones 3-10. These are a great option if you're keen to pack as much color as you can into your garden.

If maintaining year-round coverage is a priority for you, then we have a fantastic range of evergreen ground covers that will ensure there isn't a bare spot in your garden at any time of year. And again, we've got stock to suit zones 3-10.

If you want to grow a garden filled primarily with edible plants, then you can't look past our selection of berry vines, which are suitable for use as ground covers. Just imagine filling your garden with fresh, fragrant and tasty strawberries and dewberries.

So as you can see, we've got a wide range of ground cover plants to suit every garden.

Ground cover plants help retain soil moisture, suppress weeds and insulate nearby plant roots
Often, the primary purposes of mulch are to help retain soil moisture, suppress weeds and protect plant roots. Living mulches composed of ground cover plants do an excellent job in every case and can even do a better job of inhibiting weeds sometimes because they compete with the weeds for resources.

All our ground cover plants are suitable as living mulches.

Our ground cover plants are fantastic value for money
One issue with inorganic mulches is that they're often costly. Sure they last a long time but wouldn't it be great if you could find a long-lasting mulch that was also more cost-effective?

On the other hand, many organic mulches are cheaper, but they don't last very long and continuously have to be replaced. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could find a cheap mulch that has a little more longevity?

Well, we're happy to report that we've got a whole host of ground cover plants that solve both problems. With proper care, these perennial plants live a lot longer than many organic mulches (like straw for instance), and they're cost effective too. Our ground cover plants start at $4.99 each, and we offer fantastic discounts for bulk purchase of five or more plants which is great if you want to cover an area quickly.

Pro tip:
Underplant, every tree, and shrub with ground cover plants and you'll soon have a beautiful living mulch that protects and nourishes all its neighboring plants.

So if you want to grab an important deal on a living mulch, all our ground cover plants look beautiful and are incredibly useful in all landscapes from small to large. Buy yours today from $4.99.