White Violets

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White Violet - Leucojum Hardy Planting Zones - 4-8 Sun or Shade - Partial Sun, Sun Mature Height - 9-14" Mature Width - up to 12" Bloom Season - Spring Bloom Gardener Status - Beginner

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White Violets 

White violets are well known and used as a cough remedy. It can also aid in helping clear blood infections and as a blood purifier. The beautiful White Violet flowers like to grow in shaded or treed areas. The flowers have no fragrance but are gorgeous and have full blooms. The flowers bloom from mid-spring to early summer and last for a little over a month. Butterflies are known to visit the flowers for their nectar, but generally, do not do a good job polluting. The flowers are easily cultivated and prefer moist, rich loamy soil. The flower is a perennial and can be found in southeastern Canada and the North Eastern United States.  These beautiful perennials are amazing when planted around a water garden or pond area.  They also thrive when planted in rich soils that are well drained.  These plants are beautiful when used for creating a very natural looking ground cover in a garden or natural area.  They provide gorgeous white flowers that appear to have tiny lines painted on them and have light yellow centers to them.  The flowers are made up of five small petals and look very delicate when they are in bloom.  These are a great way to bring bees and butterflies into a garden area and also rabbits love to eat the leaves of these plants.  They are very simple to grow and do not need any special attention and are very popular with gardeners and homeowners. Viola Canadensis, usually known by the familiar names of Canadian white violet, Canadian violet, tall white violet, or simply white violet. It is widely seen through most of Canada and the United States, from the northern regions of Alaska and Newfoundland, to the southern states of Arizona, Texas, and the Carolina's. Viola Canadensis produces delicate white flowers, tinged with yellow and occasionally purple, with jagged heart-shaped leaves. It blooms is from April through June. It is related to several other species, including Viola rugulosa and Viola scopulorum. While the white variety is endangered in some areas, it continues to flourish in others.


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