White Dogwood Tree

White Dogwood Tree

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Latin Name- Cornus Florida Hardy Planting Zone- 5-9 Mature Height- 20-35ft Width-20-30 Sun or Shade- Full Sunshine to Partial Shade


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White Dogwood Tree - Cornus Florida.

 This native tree will put on a show of bright white clusters of flowers during the warmer seasons of the year.  The flowers will attract birds, bees, and butterflies and will be sure to please.  It will grow quickly.  These are gorgeous trees and also attract squirrels as the berries appear on them after the blooms fade away.  These trees can also be seen lining the streets and also work great to create beautiful and natural borders around the building and to lawns and other properties.  During the fall months, they provide gorgeous color as the leaves change to a dark red or burgundy.  They provide a wonderful look when randomly planted on a lawn and also brings much-needed color and curb appeal to all homes and gardens.  They also work great along sidewalks and driveways.  When they are in bloom, they are covered in beautiful flowers, and they sometimes appear pink and light red.  This is an excellent way to make any landscape bright or any garden or natural area and brings a beautiful look as they grow and become healthy.  These trees are easy to grow and are very popular among homeowners and landscapers.The White Dogwood tree is a fast-growing species found most commonly in the eastern United States. It's known for its beautiful looks that change with the seasons. In the spring it sprouts hundreds of captivating white flowers. It's vibrant green leaves look stunning in the summer months. By fall the foliage turns to deep oranges and reds, and in the cold winter months, it grows red berries that are both easy on the eye and attract wildlife as a food source. These attractive transformations have made the White Dogwood both the state tree of Virginia and the state flower of North Carolina.




White Dogwood Tree 


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