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Weigelia Shrubs

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Weigelia Shrubs For Sale at TN Nursery 

Are you looking for a hardy deciduous shrub that looks great and attracts local, non-destructive birds? If so, you’re in the right place. Our beautiful and affordable weigelia bushes will add brilliant color to your landscape while also attracting hummingbirds.

Weigelia Shrubs add a brilliant accent to any home garden or landscape

We stock two beautiful weigelias: a gorgeous red weigelia plant and a hot pink weigelia bush. Both flower in spring and like a full sun position. Our pink weigelia shrub will also grow in shade.

You can plant our weigelias anywhere in your garden but weigelia bushes do make fantastic specimen plants to draw the eye and anchor other landscape elements. They’re also popular hedging plants and are a great, colorful alternative to privet hedges.

The flowers of our weigelia bushes produce a gorgeous scent that will fill your garden with a charming perfume.

Low grower prices and exclusive deals

We always work hard to pass on low grower prices. So we’re happy to be able to offer buy one get one free deals on our 2-3 foot weigelia bushes for $14.99. And if you want more than two plants, perhaps because you're planting a hedge, we offer great bulk discounts if you buy five or more plants.

If you can't decide which weigelia to choose, you can grab a bargain on both with our weigelia package deal — 4-5 foot specimens of each variety for only $49.99. And if you’d love to pair a weigelia with some of our other bright, colorful shrubs then check out our vibrant shrubs package deal — three 4-5 foot shrubs, also for a low $49.99.

Pro tip:

Weigelias require very little care and attention and many people prefer their natural form. If you want to prune your weigelia bushes, do so immediately after flowering because they bloom on old wood. That means the longer you wait to prune, the more likely you’ll be to remove flower buds and that’ll reduce the number of flowers you’ll get the following year.

So if you want affordable weigelia bushes, our red and pink varieties will add color and fragrance to your garden wherever you plant them. Buy yours now and get super quick shipping.

Weigelia Shrubs are For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping