NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Vinca Major Vine

The Vinca Major vine is also known as the periwinkle vine. Gardeners enjoy its evergreen foliage and the attractive, five-petaled purple or lavender flowers; The perennial plants bloom from spring to autumn, making the Vinca Major an excellent choice for year-long color. It is one of the most colorful ground cover vines that can tolerate both sun and shade. The foliage comes in both glossy green and a variegated style with off-white and green leaves.

Use Vinca Major as a beautiful groundcover

The plant is primarily used as a groundcover because it spreads quickly and sends out new shoots along the ground. These shoots root into the soil on their own or stretch over rocks and other obstructions. One plant can cover from 2 to 10 square feet and climb up to three feet high. That makes it highly useful as quick coverage for bare ground, around trees, and near walls or fences. Its rapid growth necessitates pruning or cutting back at least once per year.

The Vinca Major grows naturally in woodlands and on riverbanks from Europe to Africa to the Western side of the Middle East. It was brought to the New World long ago and now enjoys a popular place in the gardens of many North American homes. It will still grow wild if you leave it alone but can be trained up trellises or wires or left to create a blanket over the ground or rocks.

If you wish to include Vinca Major in your garden or yard, buy healthy plants or take cuttings from a neighbor. Do not crowd the plants when you put them in the soil because they will grow quite quickly. Vinca Major perennial vines enjoy moist soil with plenty of organic material for optimum growth and flowering. As the individual plants grow, pinch back some of the new shoots to encourage thicker, bushier growth.

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