Viburnum Dentatum

Viburnum Dentatum

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Latin Name- Arrowood Viburnum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 6-15 ft Width- 6-15 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Viburnum Dentatum Shrub - Arrowwood Viburnum Shrub.

Viburnum Dentatum Shrub is beautiful and is also known as the Arrowood Viburnum. It can even grow very wide, so make sure to give it plenty of room to spread when planting. Viburnum Dentatum Shrub is versatile and can build in a variety of soil conditions with ease. Viburnum Dentatum Shrub will produce tiny blue fruits during the fall months of the year and is a beautiful addition to your garden. Also known as Southern Arrowwood for their use in the making of arrow shafts by Native Americans, Viburnum Dentatum Shrub is considered one of the most versatile deciduous shrubs to have. Viburnum Dentatum Shrub easy to grow due to their high levels of adaptability to different ranges of moisture, pH, and soil.
Additionally, easily transplanted. One of the primary uses is privacy by creating barriers and screening. Viburnum Dentatum Shrub can also be used to develop landscape transitions, visual balance, and proportions when in mass.

Arrowwood Viburnum Shrub

Furthermore, being a durable plant alternative to difficult planting sites. Viburnum Dentatum Shrub provides two main seasonal attractions. During spring, Viburnum Dentatum Shrub offers beautiful small white flowers, while keeping its foliage dense with a dark green color. Viburnum Dentatum Shrubs flowers present themselves in flat clusters, have a high fragrance, and may sometimes continue to be present at the beginning of June. Once fall arrives, the dense foliage begins changing colors from shades of yellow to red and red-purple. During autumn, the Viburnum Dentatum Shrub provides berries varying in shades of blue to black. Providing ornamental interest, opportunity to propagate by seeds, while being eatable for birds. Viburnum Dentatum Shrub berries as they begin to ripe, attract around ten different species of birds like Robins, Catbirds, Finches and more. Many are songbirds that manage insect populations. Viburnum Dentatum Shrub is an excellent addition to any homeowners yard.



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Viburnum Dentatum