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Latin Name- Ceratophyllum Demersum Hardy Zone-5-8 Mature Height-1-2ft Width-1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Tussoc Sedge  

Tussoc sedge is a great water plant because it thrives well almost anywhere. Many places so little time so why not let a mail order nursery help you? This sedge resembles hair due to its thin stringy branches and is home to the moth. The larvae love to nest on this shrub in order to thrive and feel safe from predators. Carexstricta is a beautiful species of plant that is commonly known as the tussick sedge. Due to it's grass like appearance that plant can be very hard to tell apart from other plants. This is due mainly to tussock sedge's triangular, long, green stems. The leaves on the plant die than builds up on top and around the plant making what is called the tussick. The plant is known as being, in eastern America, one of the most common wetland sedge's. The plants seeds are carried by the wind just like the Taraxacum plant. One way the plant is reproduced is by vegetatively by rhizomes and this is often leads to the formation of colonies. A few attributes of the tussock sedge's includes: moist sun, wetlands, meadow and native to North America. Taking care of the plant is pretty easy. The tussick Serge prefers moist soil to wet soil. The plant can also be used as a boarder along streambanks and ponds as a ground cover. This beautiful plant is a great addition to any garden. This is one plant that would for sure stand out from all your other plants in your garden.





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