Three Seeded Sedge

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Three Seeded Sedge - Carex trisperma

Functions: Ponds, Natural Landscaping, Habitat Restoration

Three Seeded Sedge is a grass native mostly to the top Northeastern reaches of the United States extending from Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Parts of Canada. There are over 600 species of Carex in North America. Many times it is seen growing within a group of its own species while next to other species of its genus close by. Flowers appearing green in color, grow at the base of the spears around late spring to early summer, forming a batch of seeds within. Stems have a thick, fibrous texture with 3 leaves tightly wrapped in a row giving it a spiky appearance once fully mature and giving it a beautiful variation of leaf orientation and accenting among other plants growing on the river or pond side. The colors can vary between a rich yellow-green to darker-green hues with some parts of the plant a shade of brown. Three Seeded Sedge will grow most naturally in wet to moist peaty soil, sometimes even seen with water growing over the base of the plant's main stem. Growing at the water's edge, Three Seeded Sedge will not only add an all around natural look to your pond or natural landscape, but also provide an excellent habitat to varying species of animals preferring moist conditions. 


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