Sourwood Tree

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Sourwood Tree Description

Sourwood Tree 

The sourwood tree got its name because of its sour taste or sour-tasting leaves. The scientific name of this tree is Oxydendrum arboreum, a Greek word in which oxys and Dendron mean "sour tree," whereas arboreum refers to the "tree-like" appearance of the tree. This tree is known as the "lily of the valley" because its white flowers resemble the lily flowers of the valley. Another name that is used to call this tree is the sorrel tree, and this name refers to the plants that have sour or acid-flavored leaves. 

You can see this tree in full swing on crests rising above the streams' banks from the coast of Virginia to North Carolina and in Indiana, southwestern Pennsylvania, Kentucky, southern Ohio, the coasts of Louisiana, and Mississippi. It will stay with you for a short while, rarely crossing 80 years, but it will certainly breathe life into the entire landscape of North America.  

Sourwood Tree is quite graceful as it develops into a conical-shaped tree with drooping branches

It is the kind of tree that grows for approximately 30 feet in height and spreads long as 20 feet. Also, the growth rate of these kinds of trees is slow, about 14-15 feet over 12-15 years. The appearance of this tree is quite graceful as it develops into a conical-shaped tree with dropping branches.

These branches droop towards the tips and exhibit an exhilarating outlook. Talking about the leaves of this native tree, they are oblong to lance-shaped yet entirely alternate, simple once you look at them. They are about 3 to 8-inch long. In summer, the color of the leaves is dark green, whereas, in the fall, they turn into a sea of orange, purple, yellow, and scarlet colors.   

The flowers of this tree are about 4 to 10-inch long and form drooping clusters from early June to late July. They are bell-shaped, small, fragrant, and white flowers that resemble tassels. These flowers attract the honeybees and thus, are the source of sourwood honey which is nothing less than a delight. When the tree is young, the stems are olive-green to bright red. However, the bark becomes deeply furrowed with extensive ridges when the tree matures. Its color also changes to grayish red.

The tree grows well in moist, well-drained, and acidic soil. It will need full sun to flourish, but it can also tolerate partial shade. It takes time to show its beauty, but it remains safe from all kinds of pests, diseases, and infections during all this time.

These trees provide you with sourwood honey and give white fragrant flowers to nature that fill the entire atmosphere with their beautiful fragrance. So, buy this tree and enjoy the sweet fragrance for years.  

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Reviews (14)

  • 4

    Posted by Greg Foster on Jan 23, 2022

    This tree fascinates me as it blooms in full swing. I did a quick order of this variety since it makes my lawn glow in white. Thanks TN nursery.

  • 4
    Sourwood trees

    Posted by James Roscher on Nov 24, 2020

    Great looking when finally received. Took USPS 5 days to transport them. Got the trees planted and looking forward to seeing the leaves busting out in spring.

  • 5
    Quality of tree at arrival

    Posted by R. Sparks on Mar 04, 2022

    We were pleased with the sourwood trees we order. They were well branched and had good roots. We’re hoping to establish a sourwood forest for our honeybees and are looking forward to next spring’s ordering opportunity.

  • 5

    Posted by Lyla Grees on Dec 09, 2020

    It was packed very well and shipped quickly it turned bright red in fall I love it.

  • 5
    Beautiful Healthy Trees

    Posted by Blake on Dec 09, 2020

    They have the most vibrant colors I love mine

  • 5
    Sourwood Tree

    Posted by Arnold on Nov 24, 2020

    Nicely packaged. Nice quality trees as described. I called and spoke with them before making the purchase and they were knowledgeable and helpful.

  • 5
    Sourwood Trees

    Posted by Vic on Nov 05, 2020

    Received in great shape. Didn't seem to be in fully dormant state; still had green leaves. Planted quickly. Hoping for great growth next Spring.

  • 5
    Sourwood trees

    Posted by Wayne H.Hammond on Nov 05, 2020

    Trees arrived in good shape.

  • 5
    Sourwood tree

    Posted by Peggy Simmons on Aug 26, 2019

    Looks great in my yard! Very pleased with this plant.


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