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Silver Leaf Mountain Mint

The Silver Leaf Mountain Mint has several uses; This plant is also on a few states' endangered species list. Those states are New Hampshire, Ontario, and Vermont. This plant also has tannin in it, and this is considered to be an astringent. The leaves of this plant will give off a powerful minty odor when crushed.

This plant is used a lot to flavor teas and used by the Choctaw for medicinal purposes.

They would crush the leaves of this plant and soak in warm water to make a tea, and they would also pour this over the head of a person with a headache. This plant has also been used to treat nosebleeds. They would place the leaves from this plant after they have soaked in warm water into the nostrils to help with nosebleeds. This plant will also produce a flower that insects love. Insects such as butterflies, moths, and wasps love it and are very attracted to it. These plants will grow well in wooded areas and fields. It will thrive in rocky and also sandy soil conditions. You can order this plant from an online plant and tree nursery, and it will be ready to plant when it arrives at your door. You will also be sure that you are getting the best prices available. When considering this as an herbal supplement, please check with your family physician before taking it. You can also do a lot of research regarding this plant online and find several websites that will give you lots of information.

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