White Dogwood Seedlings - Package of 25 Seedlings



March April



White Dogwood Seedlings - Package of 25 Seedlings

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Sun And Shade

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White Dogwood Seedlings - Package of 25 Seedlings



March April


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White Dogwood Seedling

White Dogwood Seedlings: White dogwood seedlings present tremendous value. You can grow your white dogwood from a seedling into a sapling and save money when you need a lot of trees to complete a large landscape project.

The white dogwood tree is one of over twenty majestic species that make up the Cornus genus. This achingly beautiful ornamental deciduous tree blooms early, announcing the arrival of warm spring weather in the moderate-to-warm USDA growing zones. TN Nursery staff suggests white dogwood seedlings for anyone who wants to nurture a white dogwood tree.

You will experience the joy of growing your white dogwood seedlings into trees reaching almost thirty feet high once they mature. Gardeners love this height, as it is tall enough to give off shade but do not overwhelm the landscape.

The white dogwood seedlings grow into a flowering tree with angelic white petals. This species is resilient, both cold-hardy and drought-hardy. People who live in regions with harsh winters or often face watering restrictions adore this plant.

Where and How to Plant White Dogwood Seedling

After your white dogwood seedlings mature, they will provide you with a lovely show of white flowers in the spring and a generous green canopy in the summer.

Your white dogwood seedlings need full sunshine. They are an early grower, relying on the sun's warming rays in the late winter and early spring to awaken them.

Consider the area, and you can visualize your white dogwood seedlings in a natural space, need the edge of a wooded lot, in a rock garden, or as a small tree.

When you plant your white dogwood seedlings, ensure

When planting your white dogwood tree, ensure the soil is woody and fast-draining. It loves de-compacted soil enriched with wood mulch or other organic materials. Seedlings need as much as an inch of water weekly.

Once your white dogwood seedlings become a sturdy saplings, you will only provide routine care. They need fertilizer twice a year (spring and fall), a protective layer of mulch before the winter snow, and pruning for shape.

Your White Dogwood Seedlings Will Grow Into Stunning Show-off Tree

The white dogwood tree has a slender but sturdy central trunk and multiple pleasantly-shaped branches.

During springtime, the white buds are some of the first signs of life. The buds will unfurl into four-inch, four-petal flowers that form a compact cross shape. They measure almost four inches across.

Order Your White Dogwood Seedlings From TN Nursery

TN Nursery digs each plant fresh and ships it quickly to ensure the best health. Order your white dogwood saplings today.

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Charlotte Dike
White Dogwood

These tree saplings arrived in excellent condition and in plenty of time for my husbands memorial service. I'm very happy with my purchase.

James Dicken
White Dogwood seedlings

A perfect batch for planting. I have this in my four corners and are growing well.

Andrew Parker Tree Service LLC
White dogwood trees 12 to 18 in

I got the white dogwoods for a tree giveaway very nice trees will buy again

Cassandra Hopkins
Beautiful Absolutely Beautiful

this is a great product. All mine are doing exceptionally well. Shipped fast packed well I'm in love with my trees I've ordered. They look great in my yard.

Barron Easterly
White Dogwood Seedlings

Looks great in my gardens! Very pleased with this plant.