Virginia Pine Seedlings - Package of 25 Seedlings

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Virginia Pine Seedlings

Virginia Pine Seedlings: TN Nursery customers love the value our seedlings option can offer them--and our Virginia Pine seedlings are no exception!

About Virginia Pine Seedlings

Besides the common name Virginia Pine, this species has two others: Walter's pine and spruce pine. This American evergreen tree is a native species. It originated in harsh conditions of the deep forests along the east coast, from southern New England through the deep south.

Virginia Pine seedlings will flourish in many USDA growing zones without extra attention after planting. They easily tolerate both the icy winters of the Adirondak mountains and the humidity and heat of Alabama's hilly regions.

Virginia Pine seedlings also do not care about soil quality. In fact, these hardy seedlings even grow in clay soils, which can smother other trees.

Most customers who purchase the Virginia pine seedlings from TN Nursery use them for reforestation or to create natural areas around a large-scale project. They are perfect in these settings, as the trees can survive almost a hundred years.

Your Virginia Pine Seedlings Will Grow Into a Towering Tree

It might be challenging to visualize it, but your little Virginia Pine seedlings will become a tall, majestic tree.

Picture this.

Your Virginia Pine seedlings will grow tall, reaching a mature height of seventy feet--sometimes taller! Your tree is an evergreen species; it shows off its graceful green branches even when other trees are asleep for the winter.

Your tree has light brown or grayish-toned bark with an intriguing scaled texture. The bark will shed as it exfoliates to renew itself and stay healthy for many years.

It will produce vivid green needles in pairs on attractive whorls of graceful branches. The tree's crown will appear triangular while growing; however, it will mellow into a gentle, slightly rounded dome upon maturity.

Your Virginia Pine seedlings will become a tree producing many large, attractive pine cones that measure up to four inches.

Order Your Virginia Pine Seedlings From TN Nursery Today

TN Nursery recommends Virginia Pine seedlings for anyone who wishes to fill large areas with tall and long-lived evergreens. Please place your order with TN Nursery today.

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