Silver Maple Seedlings - 100 Seedlings 6-18"

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Silver Maple Seedlings 

Silver Maple seedlings, Acer saccharinum, or the silver maple tree, is a deciduous American native tree found in almost every state. TN Nursery offers silver maple seedlings as an alternative for customers who need larger quantities for large projects. 

Gardeners and landscapers adore the silver maple tree for its lovely shape and size, plus its substantial foliage and shade. It grows well in either full or partial sunshine. 

Silver maple seedlings grow into a resilient, hardy species. They are drought-tolerant, compaction-tolerant, cold-tolerant, heat-tolerant, pest-resistant, and disease-resistant. It can also flourish even in depleted, heavy clay that stifles the growth of less hardy trees. 

You Might Find Silver Maple Seedlings as Several Other Names 

You might find several common names as you search for information regarding silver maple seedlings. Each nickname refers to the same species--Acer saccharinum.

  • River Maple
  • Silverleaf Maple
  • Swamp Maple
  • Water Maple
  • White Maple
  • Hard Maple 

Silver Maple Tree Seedlings Are Not Fussy at All 

Silver maple saplings love heavy moisture but dislike having wet feet. The tree grows near marshes, riverbeds, and flood plains in the wild. Regardless of that preference for humidity, they can also tolerate short droughts. 

Silver maple seedlings will do best if you provide plentiful woody organic materials when you plant them. When planting, add a generous scoop of hardwood mulch, peat moss, or other nitrogen-rich compost or fertilizer. As the tree grows, amend the soil with this organic matter twice yearly.

Besides these two requests, your silver maple seedlings need little else from you. 

Silver Maple Seedlings Will Grow Into a Handsome Tree

Silver maple seedlings grow relatively quickly--they can achieve six feet of growth annually. It isn't easy to imagine as you hold the silver maple seedlings in your hand. But let's envision its future development. 

Those silver maple seedlings could eventually reach a height of eighty to a hundred feet, with a thick, round canopy stretching almost sixty feet wide. 

After you grow your silver maple seedlings, you'll also see where it gets its name--from the silver-white underside of the green, five-lobed leaves. 

Order Your Silver Maple Seedlings From TN Nursery Today 

TN Nursery staff will dig your silver maple seedlings fresh to ensure you receive the healthiest specimens. Please place your order with us today.

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