Redbud Seedlings - TN Nursery
Redbud Seedlings

Quantity: 10 Plants, Size: 6-12", Ships: Fall 2024

Redbud Seedlings - TN Nursery
Redbud Seedlings - TN Nursery
Redbud Seedlings - TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

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Mary Palm
Wonderful product

I ordered 10 redbud seedlings from TN Nursery in early May and the whole process was seamless. They notified me when they shipped and I received 10 beautiful, healthy 3+ ft. Redbud "sticks." I planted them within 36 hours and they are all budding out beautifully less than a week later. I will purchase again from this nursery!!! I'm very impressed.

Ed Cawthon
Awesome I I was impressed Overall !

Most had a really Good Root Systems For being Seedlings Thanks I would say You all Are doing Great Work !!
I'm Still planting keeping them moist !

Amber Mattheis
Overall, A Pleased Customer

Overall, I’m pleased with the redbuds I received. Some saplings were smaller than the size I requested, but I also received 13 saplings when I only ordered 10. At the end of the day, I’m a happy customer, and I’ll be back. 😊

Susan Frankenfield

Arrived very well packed and insulated to stay moist. Wish they had arrived earlier before the weather turned cold.

Robert Merriman
Rooted in Abundance

“Rooted in Abundance” is our annual pledge campaign theme this year at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lansing, MI. Part of our celebration is to hand out seedings of Redbud and Dogwood trees obtained from TN (100 ea). These arrived just in time for our event and are now in the process of being planted. Folks are encouraged to share their “growing stories” over the years to come. The seedings seemed very healthy and were packaged well. The notification of delivery communication from TN was great. Thanks for helping with the success of our event.