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Shade Gardens

Broom Forkmoss (Dicranumscoparium)

Broom fork moss is good for a shaded patch or two where grass fails to thrive. Shady yards can be tricky to "green up," but broom fork moss can help you solve that problem.

Where to Plant Broom Forkmoss

Broom fork moss is best suited to gardens in filtered sunlight. Indeed, it does not require much light at all for optimal growth. You can also grow this mossy plant in relatively moist areas, perfect for a yard that drains a little bit slower. Conversely, this resilient moss is also drought-tolerant.

Broom fork moss is a reasonably common species found throughout the lower 48 states and in many parts of the Pacific Northwest region of Canada. In addition to forming extensive turfs in forests, this species often grows on rocks, boulders, and decayed wood.

It spreads pretty quickly in the cooler seasons of spring and fall, making it an excellent ground cover plant.

Any shaded garden that needs a touch of emerald green to awaken it with color is the perfect spot for broom fork moss.

Broom Forkmoss Has a Lovely Appearance

The delicate grass-like texture of broom fork moss, and its vibrant green hues, are sure to add interest to any garden. It can grow up to three feet tall and eight feet wide.

Gardeners prize broom fork moss for its lively green color and the textural element it adds to the garden.

Broom fork moss forms a delicate white trunk. It grows generous tufts of velvety, plush-looking foliage from its trunk. These clusters form an intriguing arch shape across the top; they tend to sweep to one side of the stem. The way it grows creates a "rolling landscape" look that makes a strong visual impact.

Looking closer at the leaves, they are asymmetrical, with the midrib extending to the tip and four ridges along the back. They are lance-shaped and strongly toothed. The leaf shape can help to distinguish broom fork moss from other mossy species. During high humidity, the leaves appear to be fluffy and colorful.

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