Pink Spirea Shrub

Pink Spirea Shrub

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November 1st Through April 15th

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Pink Spirea - Spiraea Japonica

Pink Spirea Shrub is a small pink upright deciduous shrub that was introduced to Europe from Japan in the year 1870. The leaves of the bush are lance-shaped or oval, pointed and coarsely toothed. The plant has flat clusters of pink flowers.
The Pink Spirea shrub grows to a height of eight feet. The hardy planting zone for the plant is three to eight. The plant thrives in moist loamy soil, and it should be planted in a location with full sunlight. The shrub is covered with flowers during summer. The Pink Spirea is usually planted in shrubberies, banks, near water gardens and walkways, porches or patios. Pruning in spring is needed to keep the bush tidy and encourage flowering in summer.

Pink Spirea Shrub is a showstopping deciduous shrub in partial to full sun for a beautiful display of bright pink summer flowers surrounded by thick green foliage.

Growing up to eight feet tall and six feet wide, it is hardy in Zones 4-9. Fast-growing spirea does best in well-drained, moist soil, and is easy to maintain. Spirea resists deer and is attractive for ornamental landscape use. Pink Spirea Shrub has been used for more than 300 years in a variety of gardening and landscaping applications throughout the country. Native to states in the Northern Hemisphere, the pink spirea is one of more than 70 different species and multiple varieties in the spirea shrub family. Also known as meadowsweet, this ornamental plant features beautiful, bright pink flowers and lovely, thick foliage, which grows densely and works well in many landscape applications. The pink spirea can grow significantly taller in ideal growing conditions. Small, pink flowers with flatter tops measure up to six inches across. These beautiful summer blooms last for several weeks, which makes this shrub particularly attractive for ornamental landscape use. New plants do best when they are planted in the spring or the fall. Typically blooming in late spring, the pink spirea enjoys partial to full sun and plenty of organic material. The pink spirea does best in well-drained, moist soil and has average water needs. However, this hardy plant can also tolerate poorer soils and inner-city locations. Extraordinarily wet or boggy conditions are not tolerated well. Easy to maintain, this plant needed to be fertilized in the spring and pruned once flowering is complete. Gardeners may want to thin older stems regularly by trimming them automatically to the ground level.  The bush is excellent at resisting deer. Gardeners use this variety as a border plant, part of a natural screen, as a hedge, part of a mass planting or as a foundation landscape shrub.

Pink Spirea attracts beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies as well as hummingbirds.