Golden Rod

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Latin Name-Solidago Gattingeri Hardy Zone-4-9 Mature Height-1-8ft Width-8inch-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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Gattinger's Goldenrod - Solidago gattingeri 

Gattinger's Goldenrod blooms later than most other plants, and its clusters of small flowers are vibrant yellow, which make for a great contrast against its llush green leaves. The Gattinger Golenrod's upper leaves are 2 to 8 inches long, while the  basal leaves are 1 inch long. Gattinger's Goldenrod is a great water plant to have in your water garden. A plant like this will add tremendous amounts of color to any water garden.  Goldenrod plants may not be suitable for individuals who have seasonal allergies. Golden rod is a perennial that known for its beautiful burst of golden-yellow color. A classic plant choice, it requires little maintenance to thrive. Blooming in August to September, it adds that extra brightness to late summer gardens. This familiar yellow plant is often spotted in the wild, where it grows in fields and other open spaces. It has a beautiful golden-yellow flowering and nice full shape that easily multiplies by simply separating the stem underground. It's a great choice for a colorful border planted along the side of a house and as a lush golden addition to fill in the thinner parts of a garden. While the flower's nectar is highly attractive to pollinators, it has little pest problems, adding to its easy care. In fact, its heavy pollen will stick to pollinators rather than blow around, making it a welcomed garden addition for anyone suffering from allergies. Along with its pleasing color and mild scent, it is also known for its herbal properties. Easily adaptable and requiring little water, golden rod is an ideal addition for those looking for a low maintenance plant. Its rich yellow color and vigorous flourishing bring some extra sunny cheer to any summer yard and garden.Goldenrod is a perennial wildflower that has long, wood-like stems and bushy yellow flowers that grow in thick clusters in a pyramid like shape. The plant itself grows to be approximately three feet high and the flowers can range anywhere from two to sixteen inches high and nearly as wide. The flowers are considered late bloomers because they don’t begin to blossom until mid-to-late July, through early fall. Once they do bloom, they provide a vibrant and beautiful fall color and are an excellent addition to the flower garden. Goldenrod makes an excellent cutting flower. The flower is perfect on its own or as a filler in a flower arrangement. These plants are also good for attracting bees and butterflies to the garden as they are drawn to the flower’s nectar. The flowers and leaves are edible. The flowers are often used as a garnish in salads. The flowers and leaves can also be dried and used in teas. Growing this plant is easy as it thrives just about anywhere. Once growth is established, the plant will multiply and bloom each year.





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